38 terms

Chapter 1

Computer (EIS)
1. One method to help troubleshoot a start-up problem is to start Windows in ________ mode.
A. Safe
2. The World Wide Web was not viable to the general public until ________.
b. 1993
3. In the 1980s, only large universities and ________ were able to access the Internet including e-mail.
b The government
4. A printer is classified as a(n) ________.
C.output device
5. Which item below is not part of the computer IPOS cycle?
6. ________ software controls all devices and operations completed by a computer.
7. A series of steps that describe what a computer must do to solve a problem or perform a task is a(n) ________.
8. Which of the below is NOT a(n) output device?
9. Information stored in a computer's RAM is ________.
10. If you assign different user names for each user of your computer, the operating system creates a special ________
A. Profile
11. Windows and Macs are equipped with ________ capabilities to allow different devices to automatically be recognized
C. plug and play
12. When one task uses its ________ or is interrupted by a task of higher priority, the task is suspended and the other
D.time slice
13. To ensure that programs run quickly, operating systems use the computer's RAM as a(n) ________.
14. Starting more than one application at a time is known as ________.
15. Program instructions and data are divided into fixed sized units called ________.
16. Press [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Delete] to access the Windows ________.
C.Task manger
17. When Task Manager is visible, select the ________ tab to view a list of processes running.
18. The status bar of the Task Manager provides information about the ________ and memory usage.
19. To enable a printer to keep up with the amount of data sent to it by the computer, a ________ program is used.
20. A type of computer operating system user interface that is commonly used today is ________.
21. The lower edge of the PC desktop screen displays a ________.
22. In a command line operating system , the command copy C:\myfile.txt F:\myfile.txt will copy ________.
A. myfile from disk C to disk F
23. ________ is a feature that enables subtle animations and translucent glass windows that can be custom colored.
D. Aero
24. An operating system available at no cost is the ________ operating system.
25. The original Macintosh operating system called Mac OS was released in:
26. The Linux operating system called ________ was released to promote One Laptop per Child.
27. Windows dominates the market for operating systems at about ________ percent.
C. 85
28. A(n) ________ operating system works in conjunction with other networked computers.
29. Google's operating system that supports many types of mobile devices is called ________.
A. Android
30. ________ are designed to copy files periodically in case your hard drive fails.
C. Backup software utilities
31. A ________ can find bad sectors on your hard drive and block access to them.
D.Disk scanning program
32. One of the most important utility software packages for any computer connected to the Internet is ________.
A.Antivirus software
33. A ________ system utility helps you keep your hard drive organized and efficient.
A.File manger
34. Over time, your disk drive tends to develop small areas scattered across its surfaces. The way to fix this problem
C. Disk defregmentation utility
35. One method of reducing the space a file takes up on your disk is called file ________.
D. Compression
36. A utility that is handy for people with poor eyesight is called a(n) ________ utility.
D. Magnifier
37. One step you should take to keep your operating system current is to enable ________.
A. Automatic system updates
38. When your computer is configured to recognize ________ commands even handicapped people may use it.
C. voice