Chapter 15- Feeding Patients:Hospital Food and Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition-2

Vocabulary for Parenteral Nutrition
Total Parenteral Nutrition
TPN stands for? (Infuses hypertonic solution; nutritionally complete)
Parenteral Nutrition
the delivery of nutrients by vein ( used when pt. is physically or psychologically cannot consume enough nutrients orally and enterally)
Central TPN
the infusion into a central vein of a nutritional solution that meets nutrient needs.
Bacterial Translocation
the movement of intestinal bacteria from the gut into lymph nodes and the bloodstream.
a form of glucose that contains water; dextrose provides 3.4 cal/g, not 4.0 cal/g like glucose.
Refeeding Syndrome
a potentially fatal complication that occurs from an abrupt change from a catabolic state to an anabolic state and an increase in insulin caused by a dramatic increase in calories.( Overfeeding)
Total Nutrient Admixture (TNA)
parenteral solutions that contain all nutrients including lipids; also called 3-in-1 admixtures.( may hold a 24-hour quantity of total parenteral nutrition.)
Cyclic TPN
infusing TPN at a constant rate for 8 to 12 hours/day.( recommended for pts. receiving TPN at home)
the appearance of a layer of fat on top or oily globules in the solution.(observe in TNA mixtures,"cracked" solution cannot be infused)