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1. a wearing away or rubbing away by friction
2. a scraped or worn area


1. causing wear by rubbing
2. hard or rough in manner;irritating


clothed or covered


to provide evidence in order to make more certain; to confirm


hasty and without attention to detail

Dehydrate remove water from become dry; to lose water from


the state of being dehydrated

Derive take or receive from a source obtain through reasoning

Electrify wire or equip with electric power thrill or shock

Endeavor attempt earnestly
2.a serious, earnest effort towards a goal


1.cautious; very careful
2.with extreme care or concern


to make a facial expression of fear, disapproval, or pain


causing shock or horror


1.a list of possessions or goods on hand
2.the stock of goods on hand make a complete list of

Simulate take on the qualities of another; to imitate pretend


made to look genuine while being artificial


an imitation, a representation, or a reproduction of a situation or an experience

Succumb give up or give in to; to yield cease to exist; to die

Surmise suppose something without sufficient evidence
2.a guess

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