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v. 1. To force to leave a country by authoritative decree; 2. to send or drive away; dismiss; expel


n. good-natured, witty or jesting conversation; raillery, repartee; v. to exchange good-natured repartee (quick, witty replies).


adj. 1. relating to or characteristic of barbarians; uncivilized, savage; brutal; 2. crude or unrestrained in style or manner; having a primitive or unsophisticated quality.


n. 1. instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure; used in weather forecasting and to determine height above sea level; 2. anything that indicates changes.


adj. 1. having little or no vegetation; producing poor crops; desolate, bare; empty; dreary; 2. Incapable of reproduction; sterile; 3. not leading to any gain; fruitless; unprofitable; 4. barren of, devoid of; lacking in.


v. 1. to influence by guile; mislead; deceive; 2. to amuse or delight; charm; 3. to pass time pleasantly.


adj. 1. eager to willing to fight; hostile; 2. engaged in warfare; at war


adj. 1. made of brass; 2. loud; harsh; forthright; 3. shameless; impudent


v. to run and jump around playfully; frisky


v. to express disapproval of or find fault with; blame; condemn; n. expression of disapproval or blame; condemnation.

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