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"rule of few", a form of government in which a small group of people exercise control


early greek city-state consisting of a city or town and its surrounding territory


an ancient kingdon ruled by Alexander the Great that conquered Greece and the Persian empire in the 300s BC


Indo-European kingdom who faught against Troy in the trojan war, picked up skills from minoans


most famous scientist of helenistic era. skilled in geometry. developed pi


went to tell Athens that they won and that the Persians are coming to fight them again on the other side of Greece


An aristocrat, created a council of 500 and helped from Athenian democracy


Critic of the Sophists, was condemned to death for "corrupting the youth of Athens"


A fortified hilltop in an ancient Greek city


schoolof thaughtdeveloped by the teacher Zeno in hellenistic athens; it says that happiness can be achieved only when people gain inner peace by living in harmony with the will of God, and that people should bear whatever life offers


A Greek poet, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey


a Greek historian whose writings, chiefly concerning the Persian Wars, are the earliest known examples of narrative history.


a mythical Greek hero of the Iliad


a word meaning to "imitate Greeks"; Greek-speaking civilization which spread through many lands of the eastern Mediterranean and beyond following the conquests of Alexander the Great.


(496-406BCE) great Athenian playwright. famous play: Oedipus Rex


many consider him the greatest historian of the ancient world, wrote history of the pelopanesian war.


a central area in Greek cities used both as a marketplace and as a meeting place

Mount olympus

the higest mountain in Greece, where the ancient Greeks believed many of their gods and godesses lived


Astronomer who championed the heliocentric theory of the universe


Minoan capitol of Crete

Oedipus Rex

Most famous play of sophacles

History of Persian Wars

written by herodutus

Hellenistic Era

period when the Greek language and Greek ideas spread to the non-Greek peoples of southwest Asia

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