32 terms


clear plot, strong conflict, parts in a play
What are the qualities of a play?
plot empasizes cause drama always has conflict, obvious and dramatic
What is important about characters?
Round Characters
have the ability to change and develop allusion of reality
basic outline of events that concern the characters
arrangement of events w/in a a play emphasizing casuality
creates suspense, determines character's actions
has to be complete and carry the play
what is important about dialogue
purging of emtions
Noble Character
Someone high up in the hierarchy
not all good or evil
Something about the main character?
Misfortune Hamlet and Ophelia
something brough on by erroe od judgement given an example
Reversal of fate or discover of something
What does drama lie on?
more focus, staging, cant show thoughts or moitvations
What are the limitations on drama?
actions and words, soliloquy, aside
How can drama be seen?
Dramatic Irony
When we know something the character doesnt
single plot, single place, single day
What happens in a classical greek drama?
Comedy drama
What kind of plays did Shakespeare make?
exposition, comlication, climax, denoument
What are the expositions of a plot?
Human Character
man brings his own fate upon himself through his weakness
Determined by the stars
literary technique that attempts to create the appearnce of life as it is actually experienced
idea that human beings are part of nature
Tragic Flaw
an error or defect that leads to his downfall such as greed pride or ambition
a single plot, place, action taken, place in a single day
What kind of play is Glass Menagerie
point of view
who tells the story and how it is told
third person narrator
uses he or she os i to tell the story and does not participate in the action
first person narrator
uses I and is a major and minor participant in the cation
objective Point of View
third person narrator who does not see into the mind of any character
stream of conciousness
get inside a character's mind, conscious or unconscious