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Chapter 4

An organizations choice to produce a new product is the domain of ......ethics, free choice, codified law, social responsibility

Free choice

The assumption that "If it's not illegal, it must be ethical," ignores which of the following domains?
Ethics, responsibility, codified law, symbolism


A situation that arises when all alternative choices or behaviors have been deemed undesirable because of the potentially negative ethical consequences, making it difficult to distinguish right from wrong, is considered
Moral agent, social responsibility, ethical dilemma, ethical standard

Ethical dilemma

A normative approcah to ethical decision making

None of these

The ____ ethic was the basis for the state of Oregon's decision to extend Medicaid to 400,000 previously ineligible recipients by refusing to pay for high-cost, high-risk procedures.


Sexual harassment is unethical because it violates an important part of which approach to ethical behavior?
Utilitarianism, moral rights, justice, individualism

Moral rights

Most of the laws guiding human resource management are based on the
Utilitarianism, moral rights, justice, individualism


The ____ leadership style matches with the preconventional level of personal moral development.
Autocratic, team oriented, servant, guiding, transforming


____ matches with the preconventional level of personal moral development.
Work group, task accomplishment, empowered, full participation

Task accomplishment

Which of these employee behaviors matches with the conventional level of personal moral development?
Work group, task accomplishment, empowered, full participation

Work group participation

Which of the following stages is the stage of personal moral development in which an individual develops an internal set of standards and values?
Preconventional, conventional, principled, discretionary


People making decisions based on an internal set of beliefs that has more meaning to them than the expectations of others

Are the principled level of moral development

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