75 terms

excell 2010

1) A collection of items, such as files and folders, assembled from various locations is called a
The ________ buttons allow the user to navigate to other folders or libraries that have already
been opened without closing the current window.
back and forward
The technology that shows the result of applying an editing or formatting change before it is
applied is called
Live Preview
4) A(n) ________ is a small window that contains options for completing a task
dialog box
The ________ contains frequently used commands and allows users to add or delete commands
to suit their needs.
quick access toolbar
The Windows Explorer program allows the user to ________ the organizing structures of
Microsoft Office's ________ feature provides information about all of the current program's
features and displays step-by-step instructions for some tasks.
A file that is marked as ________ cannot be modified or deleted
Whenever a window contains information that is not in view, a(n) ________ will display so the
user can bring the information into view.
scroll bar
A ________ is a window within a Microsoft Office application that allows the user to enter
options for completing a command.
task pane
Using ________ allows the user to calculate and analyze numbers and create charts
A keyboard ________ is a key or combination of keys that performs a task that would otherwise
require a mouse.
A collection of information, such as a Microsoft Word document, stored on a computer under a
single name is a
The ________ allows the user to copy the formatting of specific text and apply it to other
locations in the document.
format painter
Computer programs are also called
A shortcut menu displays
context-sensitive commands
The ________ is the area along the lower edge of the desktop that contains the Start button and
an area to display buttons for open programs.
windows taskbar
A(n) ________ file has been reduced in size.
The primary method of entering information into your computer is the
________ is a view of a document as it will appear on paper when printed.
print preview
he Windows feature ________ allows you to choose which program to use to start different
kinds of media, such as music CDs.
auto play
A round button that allows the user to make one selection from among several choices is called
option button
The process of establishing the overall appearance of text, graphics, and pages in an Office file is
The ________ displays commands that are commonly used with the selected object and fades
from view when the mouse pointer is moved away.
mini toolbar
To widen a column to fit the cell content of the widest cell in the column, the user should utilize
auto fit
Excel uses ________ to perform basic mathematical operations.
arithmetic operators
The ________ allows the user to enter or edit the value or formula contained in the active cell.
formula bar
A prewritten formula known as a(n) ________ looks at one or more values, performs an
operation, and returns a value.
Excel's ________ command creates one cell out of the selected cells and centers the contents
within the new cell.
merge & center
All Excel formulas begin with which symbol
________ is created when a row and a column intersect
________ is formatted as a pattern of uniformly spaced horizontal rows and vertical columns.
Tiny charts embedded in cells that show a visual trend alongside the data are called
are defined as sets of formatting characteristics, such as font, font size, font color, cell
borders, and cell shading.
cell styles
________, Excel maximizes the number of cells visible on the screen
normal view
Values that originate in a worksheet that are to be charted are called
data points
The data that the user sees in a cell is called the
displayed value
________ generates and extends a series of values into adjacent cells based on the values of other
auto fill
Which is the Excel operator for exponentiation?
The ________ visually indicates which workbook cells are included in a formula calculation.
range finder
If a cell's width is too narrow to properly display the numeric contents of the cell, Excel displays
a series of ________ symbols.
IF is an example of a ________ function.
46) MIN and MAX are examples of ________ functions.
Using ________ allows the user to stretch or shrink the width, height, or both of printed output.
scale to fit
Using ________ allows a cell to change appearance based on a criteria.
conditional formatting
An Excel ________ is a series of rows and columns that contains related data that is managed
independently from other data in the worksheet.
A ________ displays and summarizes totals from other worksheets.
summary sheet
Values are compared using ________ operators.
A range of cells can be converted into an Excel ________ so that the data can be analyzed.
Dates can be treated as other numbers because Excel assigns a ________ value to the date as it is
Using ________ allows the user to select one or more rows or columns and lock them into place.
freeze panes
A(n) ________ refers to a cell by its fixed position in the worksheet.
absolute cell reference
A cell address used in a formula using a(n) ________ will be adjusted appropriately when the
formula is copied to another cell.
relative cell
On a line chart, the range of numbers for the data points are displayed on the
An image that appears to have length, width, and depth is said to be
The percentage rate of increase is calculated by using this formula:
amount of increase/base
A movable, resizable container where text or graphics can be placed is called a
text box
On a line chart, the area that identifies the categories of data is called the
On a pie chart, the ________ determines the size of each pie slice.
data series
A(n) ________ is a line that borders the chart plot area and serves as a frame of reference for
A blinking vertical line that indicates where text will be inserted is called the
insertion point
On an Excel chart, the ________ identifies the patterns or colors that are assigned to all the
categories in the chart.
A data marker, such as a column, dot, or pie slice on a chart, represents a single
data point
text value is also known as a
80) The result of a formula is displayed in the active cell, and the ________ is displayed in the
Formula Bar.
underlying formula
Using ________ searches the spreadsheet for one value and replaces it with another.
drag and drop
Excel's ________ function retrieves the date and time from the computer's calendar and clock.
function such as NOW that is updated each time a workbook is opened is said to be
The ________ is the percent by which one number increases over another during a specified time
percentage rate of increase
Which is the Excel operator for multiplication?
In an Excel chart, a ________ is made up of related data points.
data series
Which Excel function would be used to calculate the total points a student earned on a series of
If you want to chart trends over time, you should use a ________ chart.
line chart
Changes made to the ________ affect the overall totals on the Summary worksheet.
detail sheets
Goal Seek is an example of a ________ tool.
what-if analysis