World History: Ch 1&2

47 terms by rachel_r_hamilton

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things made by human skill

Stone Age

time period of early human development

Ice Age

Cold weather period




a way of life


skilled workers


egyptian form of writing


government ruled by a king or queen


family of rulers


Invaders of egypt during the end of the middle kingdom


government that unities different territories under one ruler


belief in many gods


belief in one god

Ramses 2

last great ruler of egypt


government consisting of a town and the land around it


sharpened stick used for writing


Sumerian form of writing


Sumerian temple


Chaldean King

Hanging Garden

Built by Nebuchadnezzar for his wife


Persian religion


Founder of Hebrew people


Led hebrews out of slavery in Egypt


Hebrew rivals


Religious and moral thinkers

Ethical monotheism

Belief of one god with emphasis on moral behavior (Every one had to follow it)


Old Stone age is also known as


Middle Stone age is also known as


New Stone age is also known as

used simple tools (stone tools, controlled fire,and flint)

Name 1 paleolithic invention

Sea Level Drop and Migration

Name one way the Ice Age changed the world


During what time period did people domesticate animals?

Specialized tools (Needles and Saws)

Name 1 neolithic invention

Advanced technical skills,development of cites,division of labor,calendars

What were four characteristics of civilizations?

need to track floods for agricultural

Why was a calendar so important to early civilization?

predictable floods,fertile soil,transportation

Why is Egypt the "gift of the Nile"?

Largest Pyramids (Pyramid Age)

What is the Old Kingdom known for?

Hyksos invaded with iron weapons

What is the Middle Kingdom known for?

Created strong empires (Empire Age)

What is the New Kingdom known for?

-testify before osiris
-heart weighted against the feather of truth
-Go to happy field of food or eaten

Describe an egyptians trip to the underworld

Good-water, trade
Bad-flooding, wars from trade

How was the location of Mesopotamia both good and bad?

It flooded unpredictably

How did the sumerian rivers affect the outlook of the people?

283 Laws, very harsh, eye for eye

Describe Hammurabi's law code

move troops, postal service

Why did the Assyrians build a large network of road?

calendar, astrology, hanging garden

The Chaldeans are best known for what?

Religion of Persians (good vs. evil)

What was Zoroastrianism?

They developed the alphabet, purple dye

The phoenicians are know for what?

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