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  1. False
  2. backup
  3. clean
  4. noise
  5. RAID level 3
  1. a Fluctuation in voltage levels caused by other devices on the network or electromagnetic interference.
  2. b A(n) ____________________ is a copy of data or program files created for archiving or safekeeping.
  3. c Power that is free from noise is called "____" power.
  4. d T/F: The goal of fault-tolerant systems is to prevent failures from progressing to faults.
  5. e In which RAID does parity error checking occur when data is written across the disk array.

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  1. A ____ is a program that runs automatically, without requiring a person to start or stop it.
  2. ____ are distinct networks of storage devices that communicate directly with each other and with other networks.
  3. T/F: Protection against harmful code involves more than just installing anti-malware software.
  4. A place where the computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, and all are appropriately configured, updated, and connected to match your network's current state.
  5. A momentary decrease in voltage.

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  1. integrity checkingRefers to the soundness of a network's programs, data, services, devices, and connections.


  2. SONET ringMesh topologies and ____ topologies are good choices for highly available enterprise networks.


  3. RAID level 0In which RAID does parity error checking occur when data is written across the disk array.


  4. NASA(n) ______ is a battery-operated power source directly attached to one or more devices and to a power supply (such as a wall outlet) that prevents undesired features of the wall outlet's A/C power from harming the device or interrupting its services.


  5. trojan horseA program that disguises itself as something useful but actually harms your system is called a ____.