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  1. failure
  2. clean
  3. RAID level 0
  4. trojan horse
  5. backup
  1. a Which RAID offers the best performance.
  2. b A(n) ____________________ is a copy of data or program files created for archiving or safekeeping.
  3. c Power that is free from noise is called "____" power.
  4. d A program that disguises itself as something useful but actually harms your system is called a ____.
  5. e A(n) ____ is a deviation from a specified level of system performance for a given period of time.

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  1. ____ is a type of media capable of storing digitized data and that uses a laser to write data to it and read data from it.
  2. Mesh topologies and ____ topologies are good choices for highly available enterprise networks.
  3. A momentary decrease in voltage.
  4. A momentary increase in voltage due to lightning strikes, solar flares, or electrical problems.
  5. An archive ____ is a file attribute that can be checked or unchecked to indicate whether the file must be archived.

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  1. warm siteA place where the computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, and all are appropriately configured, updated, and connected to match your network's current state.


  2. noiseFluctuation in voltage levels caused by other devices on the network or electromagnetic interference.


  3. wormsT/F: An anti-malware policy is meant to protect the network from damage and downtime.


  4. stealthA(n) ____ virus disguises itself as a legitimate program to prevent detection.


  5. TrueMany bots spread through the ________, a protocol that enables users running IRC client software to communicate instantly with other participants in a chat room on the Internet.


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