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  1. RFP
  2. False
  3. patch
  4. safety
  5. workstation
  1. a A networked ____ is perhaps the simplest device to add.
  2. b Above all, keep ____ in mind when you upgrade or install hardware on a network.
  3. c A ____ is a correction, improvement, or enhancement to a particular piece of a software application.
  4. d Specifies what work a contractor should do.
  5. e T/F: The more data you gather while establishing your network's baseline, the less accurate your prediction will be.

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  1. T/F: Documenting and capturing an accurate picture of a network's physical and logical elements are initial steps in understanding the network.
  2. The process of reverting to a previous version of software after attempting to upgrade it is known as ____.
  3. Requires telecommunications carriers and equipment manufacturers to provide for surveillance capabilities.
  4. A(n) ____ is a graphical representation of a network's devices and connections.
  5. Part of the TCP/IP suite of protocols and typically runs over UDP on port 161.

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  1. pollingThe process where one network management console collects data from multiple networked devices at regular intervals is known as ____.


  2. performance____ management refers to monitoring how well links and devices are keeping up with the demands placed on them.


  3. sharedChanges to ___ applications affect all users at once.


  4. software routineA network management agent is a ____ that collects information about a device's operation and provides it to the network management application.


  5. applicationA networked ____ is perhaps the simplest device to add.


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