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  1. network management
  2. NOS
  3. justify
  4. False
  1. a T/F: The first step in configuration management is to take an inventory of each node on the network.
  2. b ____ refers to the assessment, monitoring, and maintenance of all aspects of a network.
  3. c Because backbone upgrades are expensive and time consuming, the first step in approaching such a project is to ____ it.
  4. d The most critical type of software upgrade you will perform is an upgrade to your ____.

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  1. T/F: A patch is a replacement for an entire software package.
  2. ____ management is the collection, storage, and assessment of information related to the versions of software installed on every network device and every device's hardware configuration.
  3. Part of the TCP/IP suite of protocols and typically runs over UDP on port 161.
  4. On Windows-based computers an event log can be easily viewed with the GUI ___ application.
  5. Addresses the security and privacy of medical records.

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  1. system logStores results from devices monitoring conditions in Windows-based networks.


  2. webThe most common type of caching is ____ caching.


  3. assetA key component in managing networks is identifying and tracking its hardware and software through ____ management.


  4. wiring schematicA(n) ____ is a graphical representation of a network's wired infrastructure.


  5. MIBThe definition of managed devices and their data are collected in a(n) ___.