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  1. performance
  2. wiring schematic
  3. backleveling
  4. False
  5. backbone
  1. a A(n) ____ is a graphical representation of a network's wired infrastructure.
  2. b T/F: The first step in configuration management is to take an inventory of each node on the network.
  3. c The process of reverting to a previous version of software after attempting to upgrade it is known as ____.
  4. d The most comprehensive and complex upgrade involving network hardware is a(n) ____ upgrade.
  5. e ____ management refers to monitoring how well links and devices are keeping up with the demands placed on them.

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  1. Above all, keep ____ in mind when you upgrade or install hardware on a network.
  2. One of the most common free network management tools.
  3. ____ management is the collection, storage, and assessment of information related to the versions of software installed on every network device and every device's hardware configuration.
  4. An example of commercial network management software.
  5. T/F: Documenting and capturing an accurate picture of a network's physical and logical elements are initial steps in understanding the network.

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  1. FalseT/F: The more data you gather while establishing your network's baseline, the less accurate your prediction will be.


  2. FalseT/F: For a cabling upgrade, the best way to ensure that future upgrades go smoothly is to carefully document the existing cable after making any upgrades.


  3. justify____ management refers to the detection and signaling of device, link, or component faults.


  4. HIPPAAddresses the security and privacy of medical records.


  5. network diagramA(n) ____ is a graphical representation of a network's devices and connections.