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We need to survey a sample of the 300 passengers on a full flight from Cincinnati to London. We randomly generate 30 seat numbers and survey the passengers who sit there. What best describes the sampling technique being used?
Simple random sample
The financial aid office wants to estimate how much students at their university typically spend on textbooks each term. They send an email survey to 350 randomly selected students asking them to report the amount they spent this term. What is the population of interest in this study?
The entire student body of the university
Jean is planning to take a foreign-language class. To research how satisfied other students are with their foreign language classes, she decides to take a sample of 50 such students. The university offers classes in five languages: Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Japanese. She will select a random sample of 10 students from each language. What best describes the sampling technique Jean is using?
Stratified random sample
Which statement is more likely to get an affirmative answer from parents of school-aged children?
Should schools and students be held accountable for meeting yearly learning goals by testing students before they advance to the next grade?
In a large lecture class, a professor decides to make his class notes available on the Internet. During one of his lectures, he mentions that he would like some feedback on the usefulness of these notes. He asks students to leave written comments in his mailbox regarding the usefulness of having the class notes available on the Internet. He gets written comments from 23 students, and most indicate that having the notes readily available helped them in the course. True or False?
A researcher is interested in the cholesterol levels of adults in the city in which she lives. A cholesterol screening program is set up in the downtown area during lunch hour. Individuals can walk in and have their cholesterol determined for free. A total of 173 people use the service, and their average cholesterol level is 217.8. The sample obtained is an example of
A sample probably containing bias and undercoverage.
A sociologist wants to study the attitudes of American male college students toward marriage and husband-wife relations. She gives a questionnaire to 25 of the men enrolled in Sociology 101 at her college. Twenty of the 25 men complete and return the questionnaire. The sample in this situation is
The 20 men that responded
A market researcher wants a large sample size for her survey and decides to stand in the food court of a mall during Christmas shopping season. Within the first 3 hours, she asks 150 shoppers about automobile preferences. This is an example of
Convenience sample
The university newspaper posts a survey question to its readers asking for opinions on the recently approved increase in fees for parking in a garage. The newspaper receives more than 5000 responses and reports that 90% of students are outraged over the approval of the garage parking fee. Which of the following is true?
Ninety percent is not a trustworthy estimate of the percent of all students who are outraged.
True or false? Random digit dialing (RDD) of phone numbers is a good way to get a random sample.
I want to take a survey of students currently enrolled in my statistics course. There are 250 of them, so I number them from 001 to 250 in alphabetical order. Use the portion of the random number table below to select the numbers for the first five to be interviewed.

69041 65817 87174 09514 8174 06423 93758 23612 17894
174, 095, 148, 064, 239