Comm in Society - Ch. 7 - Radio

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rock n roll
_______ __ _______ was the software that sold the hardware of radio.
Transistor radios were portable & battery operated! They were invented in ____.
Elvis stepped on the scene in _____.
Hi, I'm a DJ. I'm being payed to play certain music by record companies. I'm practicing ______.
edwin armstrong
Hi, my name is _____ ________ and I invented FM radio in 1939.
in the garden of eden
Iron Butterfly was a band in the sixties and had a rockin' song called "ina gotta de vita". What were the real lyrics?
In order to try and stop payola, the role of ______ was diminished.
_____ radio started getting popular in the seventies.
_______ & talk radio are the most popular formats today!
TRUE OR FALSE: station ownership is spread out between a lot of corporations.
XM & ______ radio merged into one company.
_______ radio is subscriber supported.
____ radio requires a special receiver; it streams channels.
hd satellite
digital radio has two forms: ___ & _________.
the clock
"___ ______" refers to the programing of a given hour
the book
"___ _____" refers to ratings.
board op
A common entry level job in the radio industry is a ________ ____.
guglielmo marconi
________ _______ is considered the father of radio. He's italian.
Marconi's home country, Italy, wouldn't fund his escapades, so _______ did.
audion tube
The ______ ____ is the vaccuum tube that improved and amplified wireless signals.
The American Lee _________ made the audion tube in 1906. It helped broadcasting.
Edouard Leon _____ was big into folk recording in 1860.
talking machine
In 1877, Thomas Edison made the _______ _______ because he's a bad ass.
emile berliner
A German, _____ _______ made the gramophone in 1887. It had a sophistocated microphone & it recorded!
david sarnoff
The Radio Music Box Memo was made by _____ ______ to bring the radio into households.
patents 1919
During WWI, the government took away _______, but don't worry, they gave them back in _____.
radio corporation of america
So that foreigners couldn't take over the radio, the government made American Marconi, GE, AT&T and Westinghouse merge into which company?
westinghouse kdka frank conrad
The first commercial radio broadcast was made by ___________ ____ by the dj ______ ________ on October 27, 1920.
The Radio Act of 1912 was challenged. Pres ________ ended government radio regulation.
The radio went "ape ****". Radio leaders petitioned for President ______ to regulate it again.
public interest convenience necessity
The Radio Act of 1927: use channels, not own them. It set a standard of evaluation for ________ _______, ___________, OR __________. (Stolen from Railroads)
federal radio commission
______ _______ ________ regulated and revised the Radio Act of 1927.
spectrum scarcity
The TRUSTEE MODEL is based on __________ & __________ & influence.
communications act of 1934
The _____________ ______ ____ _______ replaced the Radio Act of 1927.
The Comm Act of 1934: substituted the FCC for the ____.
1922 apartments
The first advertisement in the year ____ was over radio was ten minutes long! It promoted the Long Island ________. It cost $50, yo.
__________ is what you call groups of stations.
owned operated
O&O's are flagship stations... O & O stands for ______ & _______.
great depression
Which major American event made the radio super successful?
plastic record
GI's brought back new technology from Germany during WWII; namely Goldmark's ______ ________.
frequency modulation
FM stands for...
amplitude modulation
AM stands for...
secondary services
__________ ___________ is when a station features more than just their specialty... like K104 (a hip hop station) plays sermons on Sunday mornings.
The radio pioneer who refined the TOP 40....
The money earned form selling radio airtime is called...
When one person or company owns multiple stations in a single market, it's called a...
The ratings that replaced the Crossleys are the _________.
THE EVOLUTION OF RADIO: hardware, software, advertising, __________.
The term _____ means "airways".
alan freed
Father of Rock 'n' Roll
Heinrich ______ experimented a lot with radio waves.
_______________ made the "barretter"... ALSO made the first voice broadcast - 1906 baby!! Christmas Eve.
Wireless ship act
_______________ ________ _______ of 1910 made sure all ships had radios.
david sarnoff
This guy manned the telegraph for 3 days after the Titanic. How sweet :)
Radio Calls: West of Mississippi uses __.
Radio Calls: East of Mississippi uses __.
The "turning point" of radio was this war...
kdka pittsburgh
FIRST radio station! Oh, and city.
The COMPANY that first made a commercial.
clear channel
The Company that dominates radio...
TRUE OR FALSE: today's media environment is regulated
orson welles
The joker who made the war of the worlds broadcast in 1958 on Mercury Theatre of the Air...