Development Gap


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Level economic growth or wealth of a country. As well as making the ability to improve the quality of peoples lives
Birth rate
The number of births in a year, per 1000 of the population
Death rate
The number of deaths in a year, per 1000 of the population
Fertility rate
The average number of children bron to women during their reproductive life
Infant mortality rate
The number of deaths of children less than one year of age, per 1000 live births
Life expectancy
The average number of years a person is expected to live, based on the national average per year group
Adult literacy
The percentage of people aged 15 and over who can read and write
GDP per capita (US$)
Gross domestic product, total amount of money earned by a country divided by its population
Gross national product, total value of goods and services produced by the country
Human development index, it measures 3 indicators (income, education and life expectancy). These indicators are added together to make a score between 0-1
Water connected
Number of people estimated to be living in households which are connected to a fresh water supply
Doctors per person
Number of doctors per 100,000 of the population
Standard of living
Individual's degree of prosperity which is often based on objective factors such as income, employment, education etc
Quality of life
Individual's happiness and satisfaction which is often based on subjective factors such as physical and social well-being
More economically developed country
Less economically developed country
Brandt line
Created in the 1980's, a line which divides the richer and poorer parts of the world
Trade surplus
Exports are greater than its imports- wealthier
Trade deficit
Imports are greater than its exports this leads to debt and poverty
Debt for nature conservation swaps
Countries swap their debt for environmental conservation and pay back their money by helping the environment
Bilateral aid
Given from government to government to fund large projects e.g dams
Multilateral aid
Government to an international agency i.e world bank
Voluntary aid
Charities like oxfam give aid (non governmental organisation- NGO)
Emergency aid
Helps those hurt by natural disasters
Development aid
Long projects that sustain and help in the future

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