the price we pay by Brison

pornography and harm by susan J. brison
definition of ****
the graphic sexually explicit subordination of women thru pictures or words that also includes women dehumanized as sexual objects, things or comodities; enjoying pain or humiliation or rape; injury, turtor, penetrations, scenaries, shown as inferior, hurt in conditions of sexual arrousal
why is it difficult to discuss ****
the double standard: critics are prude / victims of sexual violence can be retraumatizing
hatred, dislike or mistrust of women
the common use of ****
violent degrading misogynistic hate speech
includes words, pictures, films, etc.
the argument
if **** harms women, then there is no mroal right to produce, sell or consume it.
best evidence that **** is harmful
is the slutty participants in the ****
porns effects on the non-participant
increases discrimination against/sexual abuse of women AND it harms those that have *** forced on them. Harms men whose sexual desires are influenced by **. Harms those already victimized by nasty *** as in rape.
objection to **** being ok
**** is a symptom (indication) of a misogynistic culture (hatred of women), not the cause of it.
**** brings
pleasure to others because it is degrading to others
**** shows a callous
(insensitive) disregard to the actual victims to have depictions of sexual violence
the legal right to **** is
the right to free speech
**** harms womens
opportunities for equality and rights of all kinds
Brison is arguing that:
there is not a moral right to ***. if there isn't a moral right to **, then there is no support for a legal right to ***.
Andrew Altman argues that:
there is a moral right to (even nasty) ****, which is not under free speech, but a moral right to sexual autonomy (freedom, independence)
Liberal sexual morality
whatever harms result from **** are just the price we pay for the right to sexual autonomy
sexual autonomy
the freedome or independence of sexual desires
an important aspect of a flourishing human life
sexual expression
is one of the primary ways we define ourselves
Atman compares **** to sexual orientation
and Atman argues taht we have a right to do some things that are morally wrong.
Atman argues
that even if a causal (cause) connection were established between violence **** and sexual violence it would be insufficient. bcuz it is not as important as the right to sexual autonomy
Atman concedes (admits)
that **** makes it more difficult for women to live as sexual equals to men.
Atman believes women are better off
in a society with liberal sexual morality, than in a society with traditional sexual morality