Cultural Art Unit Test Review


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Which is the best summary of this excerpt? ("Early Victorian Tea Set")
The author explains how tea was popular among the upper class. He quotes Samuel Johnson to illustrate its popularity.
The ________ significance of an object is what the object reveals about the daily life, beliefs, interests, and customs of a society during a specific time period.
What details can be observed in the painting? Check all that apply. (L'Ambulance de la Gare de Poitiers)
1. An unclean floor
2. Injured men
3. Dazed expressions
In "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus," Williams describes the scene in a painting. How does Auden treat the same subject in "Musée des Beaux Arts"?
Auden offers multiple examples of people ignoring momentous events.
What is the subject of both the painting and the poem? (The Harvesters and "The Corn Harvest")
The laborers involved in the corn harvest
To add emphasis to the idea that this object is different than other recent objects discussed, an audio version of this text could have a pause where? ("A History of the World in 100 Objects")
Before "this one is about."
What is the purpose of the outside source used in this excerpt? ("Hokusai's The Great Wave")
To show how strongly the American president insisted Japan participate in international trade
Which list represents the steps for analyzing visual art?
View, focus, observe, conclude
An author's viewpoint is the way in which he or she _______.
Perceives a topic
A writer sometimes chooses to end a sentence with a preposition because doing so makes the sentence more ______.
What context clue provides an antonym for the word secular?
A summary of an informational text must show the relationship between the author's viewpoint and the
Information presented
When a writer does not know who performed the action in a sentence, the writer can still write a grammatically correct sentence by
Using the passive voice
A source that is a trustworthy authority on a subject is a ______ source.
Which quotation from A History of the World in 100 Objects best reveals the cultural significance of the Benin plaque?
All European visitors were struck by the Oba's position as both the spiritual and the secular head of the kingdom, and the Benin brass plaques are principally concerned with praising him.