Ideal Gas Laws 1.3.6


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What is the partial pressure of a gas in a mixture of gases?
The pressure exerted by one gas in a mixture
What does Avogadro's law describe?
The relationship between volume and moles
What is a expression of Avogadro's law?
What ideal gas law is used to calculate the number of moles in a gas?
What is the pressure of gas at STP?
1 atm
What is the pressure of a gas mixture containing part pressure of 0.23 atm, 0.42 atm, and 0.89 atm?
1.54 atm
The value of R in Ideal Gas Law is _______
0.0821 Latm/molK
What temperature scale has 0 as the lowest temperature?
The Kelvin scale
What is the volume of Oxygen occupied by 2 moles at 1.3 atm pressure and 300k?