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-Mackenzie and other radical leaders wanted American-style democracy
-Moderate reformers found their hopes dashed by John Russell's Ten Resolutions and the appointment of Sir Francis Bond Head as governor in 1836
-He was on the side of the Family Compact, and after the Assembly reprimanded him, he dissolved the House and went on to win an election advocating for Britain
-Mackenzie spent time organizing resistance to the government and training rebels to fight, but military experience was minimal so that and poor planning ensured his defeat
-Mackenzie decided to attack after hearing Governor Head had sent soldiers to help fight rebels in Lower Canada which left Toronto unguarded
-He wanted to march there and take over the arms and ammunition in the arsenal and take Governor Head as prisoner
-He wanted to set up a new and independent government if needs weren't met
-Other radicals didn't want to join him, and Mackenzie ordered an attack to begin at Montgomery's Tavern on Yonge Street
-The rebel force then met a small group of militia led by Sheriff Jarvis, and his men fired and ran away
-The rebel troops then shot and fell to reload but this confused the rear ranks who thought they'd been killed so they abandoned the battlefield, and the rebels were then attacked and defeated by militia led by Colonel Alan MacNab
-Mackenzie escaped as a woman to the US and he worked to keep the rebellion alive from the other side of the border and though incidents continued until 1838, the rebellion was largely a failure