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Module 4: Biodiversity and Evolution

species diversity
the number and relative abundance of species in a biological community
genetic diversity
The variability in the genetic make up among individuals within a single species. In more technical terms, it is the genetic differences among populations of a single species and those among individuals within a population.
**Different individuals having different versions of genes
ecological diversity
The variety of ecosystem types (for example, forests, deserts, grasslands, streams, lakes, wetlands and oceans) and their biological communities that interact with one another and their non-living environments.

Threatened Species
a species that could become endangered in the near future
Endangered Species
a species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction
Endemic Species
species that are native to and found only within a limited area
Biodiversity Hotspot
A biodiversity hotspot is a biogeographic region with a significant reservoir of biodiversity that is under threat from humans.
Debt-for-Nature Swaps
forgiveness of (some) international debt in exchange for nature protection in developing countries.
financial transactions in which a portion of a developing nation's foreign debt is forgiven in exchange for local investments in conservation measures.
U.S. Endangered Species Act
a Federal legislation that aims to conserve the ecosystems upon which endangered and threatened species depend.

mission= twofold:
to provide protection for species that are in danger of extinction and to conserve the habitats on which those species depend.
Misconception 1
Evolution seeks to explain creation of life.
*it's actually more interested in the modification of a species after it came into being
Misconception 2
Evolution is goal oriented
*one cannot know genetic variants and which will be available to natural selection and can't predict environmental conditions
Misconception 3
Evolution produces perfect adaptations
*rarely perfect
-adaptations are compromises between differing needs