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Boland Amendment
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Both liberals and conservatives try to help people in need but where as liberals often favor government organizations to do this. conservatives tend to depend more on ----- organizations.PrivateThis war was short and resulted in few American casualties.Persian gulfConservatives tend to support deregulation policies but not abortion-rights or ----- action programs.AffirmativeThe Soviet Union broke up in 1991 and split into 15 separate republics. The force of ----- was a major factor in the disintegration of the Soviet union.NationalismAmerican hostages held by Iran were released shortly after ----- was elected.Ronald ReaganThe Reagan administration's decision to negotiate with terrorists occurred during what came to be called "the ----- affair".Iran-ContraIn 1985 the Reagan administration negotiated with ----- and sold weapons to Iran in order to win the release of hostages in Lebanon.TerroristsUnlike Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan was not a strong supporter of detente or of nuclear -----. Instead he supported a policy of "peace through strength".DisarmamentGorbachev intended to restructure the Soviet economy by allowing some free enterprise. This policy was known as -----.PerestroikaThe Soviet war in ----- hurt the Soviet economy and drove Gorbachev to support reform policies such as glasnost and perestroika .AfghanistanThe Reagan administration often supported less than democratic governments in an effort to stop the spread of -----.CommunismThis 1983 report on education warned that US schools were performing worse than schools in other industrialized nations.Nation At RiskThis army officer was indicted by a special prosecutor for violating the Boland amendment and his role in the Iran-Contra affair.Oliver NorthPresident Bush authorized the invasion of Panama and the capture of Manual Noriega in an attempt to stop ----- in Latin America.Drug TraffickingThis was an independent communist nation that was not part of the Soviet bloc.YugoslaviaSaddam Hussein invaded this nation and temporarily gained control of its oil resources.KuwaitBecause of his support for a massive arms build up, some scholars give Ronald Reagan credit for bankrupting and bringing down the Soviet union and thus ending the -----.Cold WarChinese authorities responded with deadly force to students protesting for more democracy in -----.Tiananmen SquareDuring the 1988 election campaign he told people to read his lips as he promised not to raise taxes.George H.W. BushPresident Reagan supported rebellions in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Granada, and ----- to push for democracy.NicaraguaThis program was intended to improve national defense by providing protection from incoming missiles.SDI: Star WarsAfter the fall of the Soviet Union he was the first president of the independent Russian republic. He along with President Bush announced the end of the Cold War.Boris Yeltsin