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A.P. Human Geography study guide

what percent of the world population is malnourished?
Where does much of kenya's incme come from?
foreign tea and coffee exports
what are the set of processes thar are increasing interactions, deepening relationships and heighteniing interdependence regardless of national boundaries are called _____________ processes?
what do human geographers focus on?
how people make places
what branch of gography focuses upon natural landforms, climate, soils and vegetation of the earth?
physical geography
what is the importance of the spatial approach that geographers use in their studies? what does it show?
it explains how places are laid out, organized and arranged on earth.
whenthe last great cholera pandemic began in 1865, people knew to take precautions against doing what?
drinking water from infected wells without boiling it first.
in 1990, an outbreak of cholera killing over 10,000 people occoured in what region of the world?
lima, peru
what is the main fall down of the cholera vaccine?
it is very expensive and only lasts for 6 months
which theme of geography would iinvolve the study of the impact of the drainage of part of the florida everglades.
what is sense of place?
place highlights how the geographical position of people and things on the earth's surface.
what is connectivity?
the degree linkage between locations in a network
what is geographer carl o. sauer most connected with?
human activity
what did gould and white discover in their study on students' perceptions of place?
the cultural landscape of dar es salaam is a composite of several different culture groups, which have administrted the place/ britich policy stimulated the development of a district of 3 or 4 storey apartments reminiscent of what city?
coordinantes of absolute location are useful in determining what two things?
allows you to plot exactly where on earth something is.
the physical location pf a place using earth latituse and longitde grid is properly called what?
global positioning system.
chicago's absolute location has not changed but its relative location changed markedly in 1959 because of what?
relative location refers to something that is near too something which can change and absolute loation is based on its actual coordinates on earth which wont change unless a natural disaster like an earthquake or something chaned its physica location.
the mental map of places you routinley visit is a map of your _____________.
what is cultural geographer wilbur zilensky known for?
he tackled the enourmous complex task of defining and elmintating the perceptul region of the u.s.a. and southern canada.
how is the south unlike any other cultural region?
what is a formal region?
a fromal region has a shared trait that can be a cultural trait or a physical trait.
what is a functional region?
a functional region is defined by a particular set of activities or interactions that occur within it.
what is cultural complex?
more than one culture may exhibit a particular culture trait, but will consist of a discrete combonation of traits.
what is the spread of ideas, cultural traits, knowledge, and skills from their place of origin to other areas where they are adopted called.
cultural hearth
hagerstand emphasized that culture hearths should be viewed in the context of _________ as well as space.
what is distance decay?
the acceptance of an innovation becomes less likely the longer it takes to reach its pottential
the lack of penetration of alchoholic beverages in islam regions illustrates the effect of ______________ on cultural diffusion.
the diffusion of the idea of the hamburger to india but with vegetbles instead religously prohibited beef is an example of what concept?
stimulus diffusion
what is independent invention
something that someone invented by themselves
what is contagious diffusion?
a form of expansion in which nearly all adjecment individuals and places are effected
what is the diffusion of birkenstein shoes an example?
heirchonical diffusion
which form of diffusion cannot be transmited by media?
contagious diffusion
19th century american english contains words that are dutch, native american, spanish, french and german. most of the growth of the language was the product of what?
enviromental determinism
what is enviromental determinism?
it holds that human behavior or individually or collectivley is strongly effected by the physical enviroment
what is modern enviromental psychology?
what is cultural ecology?
an area of inquiry concerned with culture as a system of adoption to and alliteration of the enviroment.
who is the current principal of crestwood high school?
what is happening to the number of smokers in the developed world?
what is happening to the number of smokers in a developing country?
what 3 items do you need to bring to ap human geography each day?
something to write with, book, folder/notebook
when should you apply to college?
august of your senior year
true or false: the cause of cholera by mapping the spatial relationship beween the use of particular london public wells and the incidence of cholera infection.
have any cholers outbreaks occured in the 20th centur? have any occured in the western hemisphere?
yes, yes
can a city's relative location change over time?
who's mr.milewski's favorite team?
crestwood high school
the detroit lions began the 2012/2013 regular season with a 1-1 record
give an example of a cultural trait adopted by the jepanese?
many japanese restauraunts.