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  1. Mass Wasting
  2. Silicate Minerals
  3. Differentiation
  4. Mineral
  5. Jovian Planet
  1. a slope failure or landslide, downslope movement of regolith and/or bedrock masses due to gravity
  2. b gas, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
  3. c layering of terrestrial planets based on chemical composition
  4. d naturally formed, solid, inorganic substance w/ characteristic crystal structure and a specific chemical composition
  5. e strongly bonded, complex anion that contains both silicon and oxygen

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  1. semi-enclosed body of coastal water, in which fresh water mixes w/ sea water
  2. process where mineral grains form and grow in cooling magma
  3. when certain minerals crystallize from a magma and are concentrated perhaps by fractional crystallization
  4. laying down of sediment
  5. substances dissolved in pure water precipitate out and form a matrix in which grains of sediments are joined together

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  1. Coreintermost layer


  2. Hydrospheregasses that surround earth


  3. Rock Cycleprocesses that form, modify, transport, or break down rock


  4. Uniformitarianismlayering of terrestrial planets based on chemical composition


  5. Rocksnaturally formed, coherent aggregate of minerals and possibly other non-mineral matter