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  1. Metamorphism
  2. Hydrologic Cycle
  3. Chemical Weathering
  4. Mantle
  5. Recrystallization (Lithification Process)
  1. a middle layer of earth, made out of Olivine
  2. b mineralogical, texture, chemical and structural changes that occur in rocks
    result of exposure to elevated temperature/pressure
  3. c formation of new crystalline mineral grains
  4. d decomposition of rocks and minerals by chem and biochemical reactions
  5. e movement of water

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  1. boundary inside earth where velocities of seismic waves change abruptly
  2. gas, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
  3. tightly packed atoms that share electrons
  4. sediment primarily composed of plant/animal remains
  5. resource that can be replenished or regenerated within human lifetime

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  1. Mineral Resourcesresource that cannot be replenished or regenerated within human lifetime


  2. Crustpart of the regolith that can support rooted plants


  3. Compaction (Lithification Process)reduction of space in a sediment as a result of weight of overlying sediment


  4. Types of Biogenic Rocks1. Limestone
    2. Peat
    3. Coal


  5. Sedimentary Rockform under conditions of low pressure and low temperature near surface