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  1. Crystallization
  2. Covalent Bond
  3. Mineral
  4. Core
  5. Chemical Sediment
  1. a formed by precipitation or minerals dissolved in lake, river or sea water
  2. b naturally formed, solid, inorganic substance w/ characteristic crystal structure and a specific chemical composition
  3. c process where mineral grains form and grow in cooling magma
  4. d carbon bonding, triangle, atoms "pair up"
  5. e intermost layer

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  1. laying down of sediment
  2. Temperature, Pressure, pore fluids (add or take away chemicals), stress
  3. separation of materials into ions in a solution by a solvent
  4. wearing away of bedrock and transport of particles
  5. breakdown of rock into solid fragments by physical processes

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  1. Deltaintermost layer


  2. Earth Systems Sciencebreaking large, complex problems into smaller pieces
    2 major categories:
    1. Closed: energy in and out
    2. Open: energy and matter in and out


  3. Body Wavetravels through earth's interior


  4. Atmospheresolid earth, as a whole


  5. Foliationwearing away of bedrock and transport of particles