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  1. Uniformitarianism
  2. Renewable Resources
  3. Biosphere
  4. Chemical Weathering
  5. Metallic Bond
  1. a decomposition of rocks and minerals by chem and biochemical reactions
  2. b resource that can be replenished or regenerated within human lifetime
  3. c all living and dead organisms
  4. d Hutton, processes governing Earth's system today have operated in similar ways in the past, "the present is the key to the past" (fossil record)
  5. e tightly packed atoms that share electrons

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  1. when certain minerals crystallize from a magma and are concentrated perhaps by fractional crystallization
  2. disturbs earth's surface, damage to environment
  3. breakdown of rock into solid fragments by physical processes
  4. how rocks disintegrate, chem and physical breakdown of rock exposed to air, moisture, living organisms
  5. compaction of early cummulates because interstitial liquid to be squeezed upwards

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  1. Planetary Accretionouter portions of solar nebula cooled into discs of debris, random collisions formed clumps that pulled in remaining debris through gravity


  2. Crustforce acting on surface per unit area w/ direction
    1. Tension: pulling out
    2. Compression: push in
    3. Shear: top and bottom


  3. Dissolutionseparation of materials into ions in a solution by a solvent


  4. Beddinglayered arrangement of strata in sediment


  5. Covalent Bondtightly packed atoms that share electrons


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