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  1. Chemical Sediment
  2. Biogenic Sediment
  3. Metallic Bond
  4. Sedimentary Rock
  5. Types of Biogenic Rocks
  1. a formed by precipitation or minerals dissolved in lake, river or sea water
  2. b 1. Limestone
    2. Peat
    3. Coal
  3. c sediment primarily composed of plant/animal remains
  4. d form under conditions of low pressure and low temperature near surface
  5. e tightly packed atoms that share electrons

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  1. irregular blanket of loose, noncemented rock particles that covers a planets surface
  2. 1. Clay: tiny material particles of any kind that have physical properties like those of clay minerals
    2. Sand: sediment made of coarse mineral grains
    3. Soil: mixture of minerals w/ diff grain sizes, along w/ some some materials ob biologic origin
    4. Silt: grain b/w mud and sand
  3. transfer of electrons from one atom to another, packed together
  4. everything that we use one way or another uses minerals/metals that come from ground
  5. gas, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

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  1. Metamorphismmineralogical, texture, chemical and structural changes that occur in rocks
    result of exposure to elevated temperature/pressure


  2. Lithificationplanar arrangement of textural features in a metamorphic rock


  3. Volcanic Crystallizationslow cooling, deep in ground


  4. Crystallizationprocesses by which loose sediment is transformed into sedimentary rock


  5. Scientific Methodway a scientist approaches a problem, 5 steps:
    1. Problem or Experiment
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Test Hypothesis
    4. Multiple Tests to Support Hypothesis
    5. Hypothesis Becomes Theory
    if hypothesis doesn't work, discard or reformulate