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  1. Van der Waals Bond
  2. Jovian Planet
  3. Renewable Resources
  4. Biogenic Sediment
  5. Filter Pressing
  1. a sediment primarily composed of plant/animal remains
  2. b gas, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
  3. c weak, between neutral molecules
  4. d compaction of early cummulates because interstitial liquid to be squeezed upwards
  5. e resource that can be replenished or regenerated within human lifetime

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  1. movement of water
  2. force acting on surface per unit area w/ direction
    1. Tension: pulling out
    2. Compression: push in
    3. Shear: top and bottom
  3. form under conditions of low pressure and low temperature near surface
  4. 1. Conglomerate: large fragments in a fine grained matrix
    2. Sandstone
    3. Mudstone/Shale
  5. naturally formed, solid, inorganic substance w/ characteristic crystal structure and a specific chemical composition

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  1. Terrestrial Planettravels along earth's surface


  2. Miningdisturbs earth's surface, damage to environment


  3. Body Wavetravels through earth's interior


  4. Sedimentdisturbs earth's surface, damage to environment


  5. Differentiationlayering of terrestrial planets based on chemical composition