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  1. irresolute
  2. anathema
  3. slovenly
  4. adulation
  5. novice
  1. a (adj.) untidy, dirty, careless
  2. b (n.) one who is just a beginner at some activity requiring skill and experience (also used adjectivally)
  3. c (n.) praise or flattery that is excessive
  4. d (adj.) unable to make up one's mind, hesitating
  5. e (n.) an object of intense dislike; a curse or strong denunciation (often used adjectivally without the article)

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  1. (v.) to revive, bring back to consciousness or existence
  2. (adj.) shrewd, crafty, showing practical wisdom
  3. (v.) to review a series of facts; to sum up
  4. (adj.) inactive, sluggish, dull
  5. (adj.) conspicuous, standing out from the mass (used particularly in an unfavorable sense)

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  1. equivocate(v.) to speak or act in a way that allows for more than one interpretation; to be deliberately vague or ambiguous


  2. evanescent(n.) a greedy desire, particularly for wealth


  3. pretentious(adj.) done for show, striving to make a big impression; claiming merit or position unjustifiably; making demands on one's skill or abilities, ambitious


  4. penury(adj.) shrewd, crafty, showing practical wisdom


  5. supposition(n.) praise or flattery that is excessive