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Choose between the preterite or the imperfect tense and then conjugate it correctly.

It was one o'clock.

Era la una.

Juan was tall.

Juan era alto.

They opened the door

Abrieron la puerta.

You wanted to sing.

Querías cantar.

We used to cook well.

Cocinábamos bien.

I sent a letter.

Mandé una carta.

I practiced every day.

Practicaba todos los días.

They turned on the radio.

Prendieron la radio.

I turned off the television.

Apagué el televisor.

I met Susana.

Conocí a Susana.

They found out the truth.

Supieron la verdad.

He refused to eat meat.

No quiso comer la carne.

We weren't able to drive.

No podíamos conducir.

We drove yesterday.

Condujimos ayer.

She told the truth.

Dijo la verdad.

They were in class on Mondays.

Estaban en clase los lunes.

He served the meal.

Sirvió la comida.

I used to serve in a restaurant.

Servía en un restaurante.

I was hungry.

Tenía hambre.

It was nice weather.

Hacía buen tiempo.

It was raining.


It was cloudy.

Estaba nublado.

It was 10:00 o'clock.

Eran las diez.

I made a reservation.

Hice una reservación.

They set the table.

Pusieron la mesa.

He closed the door.

Cerró la puerta.

He repeated the vocabulary often.

Repetía el vocabulario a menudo.

We always went to school.

Siempre íbamos a la escuela.

I went to the market yesterday.

Fui al mercado ayer.

She was pretty.

Era bonita.

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