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what are the functions of body fluids?

environment for chemical changes in cell
keep body temp stable, gives form and structure to body tissue

signs and symptoms of dehydration

sunken eyes, no tears, poor skin turgor, lacks elasticity, muscle weakness, oliguria

symptoms and signs of fluid overload

edema in the ankles hands and face
"wet" lung sounds
weight gain

what discrepancy accounts for 45 to 75% of body fluid weight?

age and body fat

average intake and output for average size adult

intake 2000ml-2500ml daily
output 1500ml-2000ml daily
below 600ml is of concern


decrease in blood volume


increase in blood volume




excess fluid in the space between tissue lining abdomen and abdominal organs


administration by iv or im injection


absorption of drug through gastrointestinal tract


low output of urine, decrease in urine


non passage of urine, suspension of urine


excessive or abnormally large passage of urine


excessive thirst

insensible fluid loss

fluid loss and gain perspiration and respiration


inside the cell


inside the blood vessels

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