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Buddhism and Violence

What are the Buddhist "reasons for war"? (assuming they have them)
- Preserve Sinhalese culture
- The need of peace (right intention)
- To protect rights to religion and land ownership
- To protect Buddhism (if it dies here it dies everywhere)
- Small wrong now --> stop a greater wrong later = "Greater good" (REMEMBER THE SRI LANKAN MONKS)
Who can participate in violence according to Buddhists who support violence?
- Military - government etc. have a duty to protect the people
- Householders must protect their family and people who need protection
As long as violence is not committed with passion it is permissible
What is the Buddhist passive viewpoint (Ahimsa)?
- Violent actions will always come back to you
- Degree of violence (even thinking about being violent is violence)
- Factors of non-decline (communication, harmony, respect for: tradition, elders, women, shrines)
- Buddha's Example --> met violence with his psychic powers instead of non-violence
- Generosity is not enough - still causes other person to suffer
- no such thing as "successful violence" - even if you win you are causing suffering to the other person
-violence causes more violence