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Management 300 Exam-Part 3

In the ____ stage a company usually adopts a multidomestic approach.

Global, multi-national, stateless, international, domestic
Global Dandelion, with explosion of international operations stage of developement, is participating at what stage of globalization in the international arena?
International, global, domestic, multi-national, interdomestic
Quality-cast Telecom with an export-oriented, multidomestic strategic orientation would be participating in what stage of the international arena?

Domestic, multi-national, global, international, binational
In international operations, the economic environment represents all of the following factors EXCEPT
infastructure, resource and product management, laws and regulations, inflation, exchange rates
laws and regulations
In international operations, the economic environment includes
Shared knowledge, political risks, social organizations, infastructure
Your grocery store in India is having trouble getting the local farmers to supply you with the proper produce. This is a problem with India's
product market, resource market, infastrucutre, economy
resource market
The legal-political environment, in international operations, includes which of the following?
Shared knowledge, political risk, social organizations, infastrucutre, None of these
political risk
Countries whose social values reflect low power distance
are highly democratic, avoid uncertainty
avoid uncertainty
Collectivist values are represented in the social framework of which of these?
US, Ecuador, Great Britian, Austrailia
One of Hofstede's social values that was developed later is
power distance, long term orientation, masculinity, collectivism
long term orientation
In a(n) ____, people use communication primarily to exchange facts and information.
power culture, informational culture, high-context, low-context
The extent to which trade and investments, information, social and cultural ideas, and political cooperation flow between countries is called
Standardization, globalization, internationalism, industrialization
Cultural sensitivity is least important in the ____ stage of corporate international development.

domestic, international, multinational, global