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Fever 1793

Chapter 6-10 Questions
Matilda's family earns extra profits from the coffeehouse in August, but no one can agree on how to spend it. Discuss the opinions of all three family members on how money should be spent.
Matilda: wants to expand the coffee shop and buy another coffee urn.

Grandfather: go into a trade

Mother: save the money
(pages 37-38)
Matilda's grandfather refuses to believe that the
deaths are related to yellow fever. Who does he blame for the weird sickness circulating through the city?
Refugees (page 38)
Matilda's mother and grandfather have different views regarding the spead of a fever. What does grandfather want to do? What does mother want to do?
Grandfather wants to stay and turn a profit.
Mother wants to leave until the weather breaks. (page 39)
What grand idea does Matilda have to get more business in the coffeehouse?
1. Buy a new coffee urn
2. Expand the menu
3. Have Jefferson and Washington over for tea and meals.
(page 40)
Why is Matilda's mother so eager to have tea with Mrs. Ogilive ?
She wants to do match making with Matilda and Edward the Ogilive's son. (page 41)
How do the Ogilive daughters regard Matilda?
They don't like her.
Describe the difference between the lower, middle and upper class people in Matilda's city ?
lower class: stayed and died
middle class:
upper class: moved to the country
Matilda starts to think that maybe going to live on a farm in the country wouldn't be that bad after all. What prompts her to change her mind ?
Dr. Kerr spoke with her about the conditions in the city and explained it was no place for a young girl like her. (page 73)
What do Matilda and her grandfather encounter on their walk home from the printer ?
her mother being dumped from a wheelbarrow onto the street. (page 62)
What symptoms of illness does Matilda's mother have ?
Vomiting blood (page 68)
Fever (page 63)
Why does Matilda's mother yell at her to leave ?
She didnot want Matilda to get sick. (page 73)
Once the doctor diagnosis Matilda's mother with yellow fever, what method of treatment does he try ?
He bled her. (pages 71-72)
Matilda 's grandfather has finally decided it is time to flee the city to get away from the spead of yellow fever. Why can't Matilda's mother travel with them ?
Dr. Kerr explained that no town will let her mother in, because they turn yellow fever victims away. (page 74)
What package does Matilda receive ?
A painting and a note. (page 75)
How is Matilda's grandfather dressed when they leave the city?
Grandfather dresses in his regimental jacket, his sword buckled onto his belt and King George on his shoulder. (page 77)