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a time bomb
a situation that is likely to become a very serious problem or sth that will have a major effect at a later date
one of those days
a day full of problems
a night owl
a person who likes to stay out / up late at night
midnight feast
a secret meal eaten late at night
the day of reckoning
a time when the effect of a past mistake is experienced or when a crime is punished
since the year dot
a very long time ago
an hourglass figure
a woman's figure with a narrow waist in comparison with her chest and hips
morning, noon and night
all the time
an alcoholic drink that you have just before going to bed
high time
announcing that sth should happen very soon
to be pressed for time
be obliged to hurry
all in good time
be patient: it will happen eventually
kill time
do sth in order to make time pass more quickly
wasted no time
do sth very fast
work against the clock
do things extremely fast
on the spur of the moment
done without any planning, rather suddenly
an unearthly hour
either very late or very early, when the time is not convenient
to have the time of one's life
enjoy oneself, have fun
for weeks on end
for a very long time
keep regular hours
go to bed and get up very regularly, usually at the same times
happening just before sth else at the latest time that it can possibly be done
passing the time of
have a short friendly conversation with sb
this very minute
doing time
at the dead of night
in the middle of the night
in the good old days
in the past when life was better than in the present
has had its day
is no longer fashionable
only a question of time
it is unavoidable
the time was ripe
it's a very suitable time for sth to happen
there's no time like the present
it's best to act quickly; 'now' is always the best time to act
that'll be the day
it's extremely unlikely
to put years on sb
make sb look much older than their age
to give sb a hard time
make things difficult of unpleasant for sb
not in a month of Sundays
take sb's time
not hurry, do things at a leisurely pace
all in a day's work
nothing special, part of the normal routine
time and again
on a number of occasions
time-honoured principle
principle that has been respected and followed for a long time
on time
had seen better days
said about things which are old or in bad repair
since time immemorial
since long ago in the past
daylight robbery
sth costs more than it should
have a day out on the town
spend a day out, going to restaurants, clubs etc.
call it a day
stop doing sth
Sunday best
the best clothes that sb has
holiday of a lifetime
the best thing that has happened so far in one's life
small hours
the early morning hours between one and four o'clock
with every minute
the more time that passed
time flies
time flows very quickly, much quicker than we'd like it to
time is money
time is very precious
time flies
time passes very quickly
time waits for no man
time treats everybody equally and does not stop moving
for the time being
until it becomes possible to do sth else
in no time at all
very quickly, instantly
bide my time
wait until the right moment to do sth
in my hour of need
when I urgently needed help
carried the day
win the battle, game, etc, to have a victory
burning the midnight oil
work or study until late at night