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The Northwest Ordinance

-Abolished slavery north of Ohio.
-Any territory ≥ 60,000 could be admitted by congress as a state.
-Land was given to the government, split into townships.

A major strength of the Articles of Confederation was its...

ability to unify the states when dealing with common problems.

Alexander Hamilton believed that a limited national debt...

was beneficial because people to whom the government owed money would work hard to make the nation a success.

Alexander Hamilton's financial plan for strengthening the economy and bolstering national credit included:

-Debt Owned Foreigners
-Federal Domestic Debt
-State Debt
-An Excise Tax
-Miscellaneous Revenue

Alexander Hamilton's financial program for the economic development of the United States favored...

the wealthier class.
(The North --> small industries)

Alexander Hamilton's proposed bank of he United States was...

-Responsible for printing paper money.
-Seen as unconstitutional by Thomas Jefferson.
-Located in Philadelphia.

What were the compromises in the constitution?

-Great Compromise
-Three-Fifths Compromise
-Commerce/Slave Trade

Great Compromise

House of Representatives was based on population of the state. All states had equal representation in the senate (2 people).

Three-Fifths Compromise

All slaves counted as 3/5 of a person for the purpose of deciding the population and determining how many seats each state would have in Congress.

Commerce/Slave Trade Compromise

Denied congress the power to tax the export of goods from any state, and, for 20 years, the power to act on the slave trade.

Among other views, the Federalist, written during the ratification debate argued that it was...

impossible to extend a republican form of government over a large territory. The government needed one leader. More factions so that no one could take over

As a result of the Revolution's emphasis on equality the following developed:

-Reduction of property qualifications for voting by most states.
-The growth of trade organizations for artisans and laborers.
-The establishment of the world's first anti-slavery society.
-Abolishing medieval inheritance laws.
-Equality between men and women.

As written documents, the state constitutions were intended to...

represent a fundamental law superior to ordinary legislation. (Limit the government)

The delegates at the Constitutional Convention manifested their common belief in...

a strong political structure.

Continental army officers attempting to form the Society of the Cincinnati...

were ridiculed for the lordly pretensions. (They wanted a hereditary order)

The Articles of Confederation were finally approved when...

all states claiming western lands surrendered them to the national government and when a two house legislature was added. New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Rhode Island could not survive outside the fold.

Hamilton believed that, together, his funding and assumption programs would...

gain the monetary and political support of the wealthy class for the federal government.

Hamilton expected that the revenue to pay the interest on the national debt would come from...

customs duites and excise taxes.

Hamiltonian Federalists advocated...

a strong central government.

Hamilton's major programs seriously infringed on...

states' rights.

John Jay's 1794 treaty with Britain...

Created a deeper split between the Federalists and Democratic Republicans by calling for the U.S. to continue to pay the debts owed to Britain.

Opposition by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to the financial plan of Alexander Hamilton resulted in...

the formation of permanent political parties.

Shay's Rebellion convinced many Americans of the need for...

a stronger central government.

The ________ Amendment might rightly be called the "states' rights" amendment.


The Bill of Rights was intended to protect _________ against the potential tyranny of _________.

individual liberties, a strong central government

The central point at issue between supporters and critics of the Articles of Confederation concerned how to...

make a compromise between states rights and a strong central government.

The Constitutional Convention addressed the North-South controversy over slavery through the...

Three-fifths compromise

The delegate whose contributions to the Philadelphia Convention were so notable that he has been called "the Father of the Constitution" was...

James Madison

The delegates at the Constitutional Convention stipulated that the new Constitution be ratified by...

state conventions.

The economic status of the average American citizen after the end of the Revolutionary War was...

Very poor. People were practiced individualism --> Greed.

The Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention worked out a an acceptable scheme for...

equally representing each state in congress.

The main purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts was to...

silence and punish critics of Federalists (Which was the federalists downfall because it takes away freedom of speech, press and pursuit of happiness)

The major issue that delayed ratification of the Articles of Confederation concerned...

western lands.

The most important effect of the Revolution for American women was that they...

created Republican Motherhood --> suggested that women would be responsible for raising their children to be virtuous citizens of the new American republic.

The new constitution did NOT provide for the creation of a(n)...


The one branch of government that is directly directed by the people is the...

legislative branch.

The political party of the "outs" that provided the "loyal opposition" to the party in power in the 1790's was the...

Anti-federalist party.

The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions were written in response to...

the Alien and Sedition Acts (Jefferson wrote in secret because we needed our rights protected. States and individuals have rights)

to the Jeffersonian Republicans, the "ideal" citizen of a republic was a(n)

independent farmers.

Under the Constitution, the President of the United States was to be elected by a majority vote of the...

electoral college.

Washington's Farewell Address in 1796...

warned against the dangers of permanent foreign alliances.

When the french Revolution developed into a war with Britain, Washington and the government...

remained neutral with the neutrality act of 1793.

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