Micro Chapters 5 & 8

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Heat treatment, irradiation, and filtration are all examples of which type of microbial control?
Heat and other physical
When selecting an antimicrobial procedure, what must you consider?
1. Type of microbe
2. Number of microorganisms
3. Composition of the item
Factors such as pH and presence of _______ influence microbial death rates.
Organic materials
This physical method retains microorganisms while letting the suspending fluid pass through.
Radiation sterilization can damage.....
1. The structure and function of cells
2. The structure and function of nucleic acids
Do enzymes preserve perishable products?
Germicides are grouped according to their _______ as sterilants, high-level disinfectants, intermediate-level disinfectants, or low-level disinfectants.
Low temperatures above freezing _____ microbial growth.
The genetic composition of an organism, which is known as the genotype, can be changed through horizontal gene transfer or ________.
Changes in DNA can easily alter the ____, or physical appearance of an organism.
Base substitutions can result in....
1. Silent mutations
2. Missense mutations
3. Nonsence mutations
Transposons, also known as "jumping genes" can move from one spot to another in a cell's _______.
UV radiation results in the formation of ________, which can be repaired with visible light.
Thymine dimers
Which test screens for carcinogens?
Ames test
The types of horizontal gene transfer include.....
1. Transformation
2. Transduction
3. Conjugation
Transduction is the transfer of DNA by _____.
Conjugation requires what?
Cell-to-cell contact via F-pilus
DNA-mediated transformation transfers what?
"Naked" DNA
Large DNA segments in a cell's genome that originated in other species.
Genomic islands
Can cells repair damaged DNA?
This kind of mutant selection can be used to obtain mutants that grow under conditions in which the parent cell cannot. (Ex: A researcher might plate a strain of E. coli that cannot grow on Ampicillin on ampicillin plates).