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Vehicle Operations


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Pounds per square inch, used to measure tire pressure
Sharpness of vision
Color vision
The ability to distinguish color
Depth perception
The ability to judge distance and space
Night vision
The ability to see clearly in darkness
Peripheral vision
Ability to see above, below, and to the sides
The center point of any curve
Centrifugal force
The reaction to centripetal force; force that pushes a vehicle toward the outside of a turn
Centripetal force
The force that pulls a vehicle toward the inside of a turn
Constant radius
A turn that remains the same throughout, getting neither wider nor smaller
Decreasing radius
A turn that gets tighter during the turn much like a circle getting smaller
Increasing radius
A turn that becomes wider during the turn much like a circle getting larger
Over steer
The tendency of a vehicle to steer into a sharper turn than the driver intends
The transfer of a vehicle's weight from front to rear or rear to front; occurs during acceleration or braking
The distance from the center to the outside of a circle
The transfer of a vehicle's weight from side to side
Under steer
The tendency of a vehicle to turn less sharply than the driver intends
Wheel tracking
The phenomenon of the rear wheels following an inside path in relation to the front wheels during a turn
The transfer of a vehicle's weight causing an end-for-end motion resulting in the vehicle turning 180 degrees
Caster effect
The tendency for a vehicle travelling forward to straighten from a turn when the driver releases the steering wheel
Eye - targeting
Looking in the desired direction of travel to avoid an obstacle and steering in that direction
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
A computerized braking system that automatically slows and stops the vehicle when the driver applies a hard, steady pressure to the brake pedal
Incipient skid
A skid that occurs just before tires lose traction during braking; the tires lock and cause a skid
Incipient spin
A skid that occurs just before the driver tires loses traction during acceleration
Counter steering
Turning the vehicle's front tires in the desired direction to regain traction
Rolling friction
Traction created when a vehicle's tires constantly rotate against the road surface without losing contact
The loss of rolling friction that occurs when a vehicle's wheels lock and do not turn while the vehicle is still moving
Results when the loss of rolling friction causes loss of traction; the vehicle's wheels still rotate but they do not control the vehicle's movement
An active attempt by an officer in an authorized emergency vehicle to stop a vehicle that is being operated to elude apprehension or otherwise fails to stop after the driver realizes that the vehicle is being lawfully directed to stop
Pursuit immobilization technique (PIT)
Pursuit termination technique in which an officer uses the patrol vehicle to make contact with the violator's vehicle
Use of vehicles, barricades, cones, or other objects to partially or completely block traffic flow