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What is an index of a complete set of Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs) applicable to a ship system, subsystem, or equipment?
The MIP is an index of a complete set of MRCs applicable to a ship system, subsystem, or equipment
What is the proper procedures to substitute PMS Materials on a MRC?
The proper procedure is to line out the Material and have the WCS initial it
What is the purpose of the 3-m system?
To ensure maximum equipment operational readiness.
What is the definition of preventative maintenance?
Maintenance designed to prevent or discover equipment failures
What are examples of Inactive Equipment Maintenance periodicity codes?
LU-1 is an example of a periodicity code
Who is responsible for performing assigned scheduled maintenance requirements?
The maintenance person is responsible
The last column on the weekly board is for?
Checks due in the next four weeks
Upon completion of the maintenance requirement, the maintenance person takes what action?
The maintenance person informs the WCS
The maintenance man is responsible for documenting the maintenance actions on the weekly schedule?
What maintenance action should be utilized when adding or deleting equipment?
A configuration change should be utilized when adding or deleting equipment
When should a maintenance person review an MRC?
Prior to performing maintenance
Which of the following is a situational check?
What program do we use for the tracking PMS?
SKED is used for tracking PMS
In the SYSCOM control number, C02JZX N, what does the N indicate?
No repair parts necessary
What is the minimum and maximum interval between quarterly PMS checks?
Between 2 and 4 months following the last accomplishment
An S-1 (completed in the last month of the 15th quarter) scheduled in the 17th quarter can be rescheduled again in the 18th quarter?
MIP numbers are required on the EGL?
What action must be taken when unsafe conditions are found in the performance of PMS?
Tell your WCS
Where would you look to determine the situational requirements that apply to a particular piece of equipment?
MIP (Maintenance Index Page)
Who is responsible to the 3-M manager for the effective operation of the 3-M System within the department?
The department head is responsible
What form is used to provide amplifying information (such as drawings and listings) related to a maintenance action?
NAVSEA 4790/2L
In SKED what procedure is used to view a revised PMS schedule before the Department Head finalizes it?
In SKED, click on view schedules on the Revision Entry window to view a revised PMS schedule before the Department Head finalizes it.
What is the periodicity of a 2M-1?
Every second month
Which of the following items are found in the LOEP?
The MIP SYSCOM Control number and nomenclature of equipment
Who serializes feedback reports?
The 3-M Coordinator
When the first two digits of the MRC control number are underlined what is indicated?
A new or revised MRC
When are situational checks accomplished?
When the specific situation occurs for the equipment
How is mandatory related maintenance indicated in the cycle schedule?
By using the code A-1#
The first Point of Contact on a work candidate should be ?
The maintenance person
What are the procedures for verifying a MRC against the PMS schedule?
Check MRC to MIP, MIP to LOEP and FR to the Change Page
Where should your work centers 43P1 be located?
Main work center space
Who is responsible for ensuring that QA training is conducted?
Technical work documents consist of how many general types?
3 general types
Who is responsible for maintaining custody of controlled material in the segregated stowage?
What is the fundamental rule for all maintenance?
Technical specifications must be met at all times
What form does the QAI use to reject untraceable, damaged or unclean material?
QA form 3
Who is responsible for assigning an assistant quality assurance officer (AQAO) on the ship?
The XO is responsible
Who furnished the replacement fasteners which led to the major steam leak onboard the USS Iwo Jima?
Ship's force
A controlled work package is required when ________?
When higher authority requires a record of repairs
Headed fasteners will be assigned a unique MIC marking following local manufacturing from existing Level I material and satisfactory completion of certification testing. A DFS is required if the certification testing is NOT completed.
A formal work package coordinates in a single document materials required, initial conditions, maintenance procedures, test and inspections and ______________for the selected maintenance task.
System restoration
All of the following are examples of existing maintenance procedures except?
The _________________must perform receipt inspection of package alteration kits that contain controlled material when ready for use.
What does TWD stand for?
Technical Work Document
Specifications are engineered requirements such as type of materials, dimensional clearances, vibration levels, flow rates and physical arrangement to which ship components are purchased, installed, tested, and maintained. The non-conformance to specifications is controlled with what?
Departure from specifications (DFS)
What is the QAI responsible for?
Coordinating and administering the QA program within their respective work centers
What is the ships Quality Assurance Officer responsible for?
Calibration of equipment
What is the systematic review of Quality Maintenance records and all production actions which will provide adequate proof and confidence that work performed or material manufactured will perform as designed and that there is documentary evidence to this effect?
Quality assurance
Which inspection is considered on any system or component, which by its nature is so critical to the successful completion of the task, that the inspection requires verification by a separate individual, or than the craftsman, qualified as an inspector?
The key to a successful inspection process is _________?
Regular schedules, documenting all discrepancies, and timely repair/replacement of damaged items.
What ventilation system is the second only to laundry exhaust ducts in dirt and debris buildup??
The sanitary space exhaust system
The cleaning conditions used when evaluating a ventilation system consist of ______________?
Clean, light buildup, moderate build up and heavy buildup.
In working spaces other than boiler and machinery rooms, the difference between space and weather temperatures will NOT exceed _____?
15 degrees
When adjustable blast terminals provided for spot cooling at watchstanders stations, they should be located within ____________ feet from the watchstanders stationand directed so that the air blast will strike __________?
3 to 5; the watch standers torso
A moisture separator removes water from the weather air by __________?
A sudden change in the direction of the airstream
Overheating in a ventilated space is often encountered because the exhaust air path to the outside atmosphere is ________?
DCPOs should conduct daily inspections of division spaces for the elimination of ___________?
Fire hazards
According to OPNAVINST 3120.32, DCPO responsibilities include all the following with the exception of __________?
Assisting in the instruction of department personnel in damage control, fire fighting and NBC defense procedures.
DCPOs must ensure completion of all required PMS __________?
For damage control in accordance with OPNAVINST 4790.4B
Who is the final approval for nomination/rotation of all DCPOs?
During normal circumstance, who reports to the division DCPO?
Personnel assigned to damage control duties
The division DCPO has basic responsibilities for damage control functions of the division and related matters under the direction of who?
Division LPO
In a shipboard casualty, the Ocenco EEBD can last up to _____ if the user is trapped and waiting rescue?
32 minutes
Which part of the OCENCO EEBD parts is optional?
(Teflon Hood)
The shelf life of the Scott Aviation EEBD is __________?
15 yrs
What should be done to Scott Aviation EEBDs designated for disposal?
Retain used and expired EEBDs for shore disposal as HAZMAT
To start the Scott Aviation EEBD, the wearer must ____________?
Put a finer in the actuating ring with the red tape marked PULL TO ACTIVATE
While wearing a Scott Aviation EEBD, the hissing sound stops before you reach a safe atmosphere. What, if anything, should you do?
Remove EEBD in an area away from flames
To aid the donning of the SCOTT EEBD personnel without glasses should__________?
Lean forward, put EEBDs up to their face and place chin in the opening of the neck seal
The 1-1/2 inch size vari nozzle has _____________ and the nozzle gpm rating is __________?
Pistol grip type handle/marked on nozzle
The NAP nozzle is controlled by a single valve configuration for which of the following?
Three positions; shut, fog or solid stream
The Nap nozzle high velocity fog tip provides a __________ fog pattern.
Medium angle (60 degree) fog pattern
How many spanner wrenches should each fire hose station be equipped with?
What is the wye-gate used for?
To reduce a 2-1/2 inch line to two hoses with 1-1/2 inch couplings
What is the vari-nozzle "flush" setting used for?
Increases the waterway clearance to pass typical firemain debris
Closure gaskets begin to deteriorate when exposed to?
Oil, grease, heat or paint
When adjusting the compression between a knife edge and gasket, adjust the closure until the compression specified in what document is reached?
Manufactures technical manual
How much do PKP portable fire extinguishers weigh?
18-27 lbs
The portable AFFF fire extinguisher is pressurized with ______?
100 psi at 70 degrees
Use of CO2 fire extinguishers for the purpose of inerting tanks or spaces that have contained hydrocarbon products is ________________?
How much does the portable AFFF fire extinguisher weigh when fully charged?
28 lbs
Which class of fires is PKP extinguishers primarily intended for use on?
Class B
The standard Navy CO2 fire extinguisher has a rated capacity (by weight) of _______________ of CO2?
15 lbs
When using a PKP extinguisher in confined spaces you should______________?
Discharge in short bursts as necessary
How should you apply the chemical discharge when using a PKP fire extinguisher on a class B fire?
Aim the chemical discharge at the base of the flames and apply in a rapid side to side sweeping motion
What supplies the propellant force to discharge dry chemical onto the fire from a PKP extinguisher?
CO2 cartridge supplies the propellant force
Battle lanterns placed where the normal temp is consistently higher than 32 degrees Celsius should be checked ___________?
More often than the required monthly checks for other battle lanterns
The emergency lighting system is designed to provide a suitable distribution system that, upon failure of the ship service lighting system, will ensure continuity of service __________?
In vital space and inboard watch stations
Which reference contains the damage control booklet for watertight closures, inspection, maintenance and repair?
NSTM chapter 600
Maintenance will be performed more conscientiously if personnel know _______?
That spot checks are being made
Which document shall state whether ships force requires help from the overhauling activity in checking the damage control diagrams for accuracy against actual ship installations?
Current Ships Maintenance Project (CSMP)
Which condition is set when the ship is entering or leaving port in wartime?
Condition ZEBRA
Which open Circle designated fittings must be guarded so they can be closed immediately?
Circle ZEBRA
Closures are defined as ________?
Closable openings in overheads, decks, and bulkheads for access by personnel
Which condition allows fittings above the waterline to remain open to improve ventilation and habitability?
Modified condition YOKE
All compartments must have a compartment check off list permanently posted __________?
In clear view of the space access
For compartments having dual responsibility - such as squadron work and living spaces on air capable ships, which will be listed on the CCOL?
Both parent division and squadron alpha numeric designator will be listed on CCOL
Raised watertight hatches are installed in interior and exterior areas where rapid access/egress is required in
and INCORRECT statement
To which of the following do manhole covers provide access?
Tanks, voids and cofferdams
Which of the following is NOT one of the primary functions of ventilation system dampers?
To provide airflow volume control
In spaces where welding operations are conducted, the ventilation system must meet the minimum standards specified in ___________?
NSTM Chapter 074, Volume 1
Which of the following components does a typical ventilation supply system have?
A weather intake with a screen, an airlift, a preheater, a fan, supply system ductwork, and supply terminals
Toxic gas dampers are installed on ventilation supply systems which have the potential to ingest toxic gases from __________?
Firing weapon systems
Which of the following NSTM, chapter 079, references directs DCPOs to ensure that all compartments, piping, cables, and DC and firefighting equipment are properly stenciled or identified by color codes?
Volume 1, chapter 505, piping systems
Generally speaking, the ventilation systems of machinery spaces should be operated to provide a mechanical exhaust air quantity _____________ the mechanical supply air quantity.
Greater than
DCPOs shall assist the ___________ in the inspection of divisional spaces for cleanliness and preservation, and assist in the preparation of required reports.
Division officer
DCPOs shall perform such other duties with reference to the DC maintenance of division spaces as may be directed by _____________.
Division LPO, DIVO, Fire Marshal, DCA, and XO
To which of the following with the division DCPO report?
Who may nominate personnel for DCPO and duty DCPO positions?
The Ocenco EEBD is rated by NIOSH for a minimum of __________ operating time.
10 minutes
The shelf life if the Ocenco EEBD is ____________.1
5 years
What is the adjustable neck strap on the Ocenco EEBD used for?
To help keep the OCENCO EEBD in place when crawling during an escape
During an actual shipboard escape the Ocenco EEBD can last between ___________ minutes.
15 to 20
Standard navy fire hose is available in sizes ____________ diameter in ________ lengths.
1-1/12 through 4; 50 foot
Maintain a minimum standoff distance of __________ when applying water to an energized electric source.
4 feet
Which of the following are the correct 27 pound portable PKP fire extinguisher performance characteristics?
Effective range of 21 feet with a minimum discharge time of 11 seconds in still air
The AFFF fire extinguisher has a _____________ continuous discharge time, and an initial range of _________ which decreases during discharge.
55 to 65 seconds; 15 feet
The portable AFFF fire extinguisher stainless steel cylinder stores________ of a premixed solution of AFFF concentrate and fresh water.
2.5 gallons
What must be accomplished before you can operate the squeeze grip on the nozzle to discharge dry chemical from the PKP extinguisher?
Pull pin and actuate extinguisher by pushing on the puncture level prior to operating the PKP nozzle squeeze grip
Unless necessary, PKP fire extinguishers should NOT be used for fires involving ________.
Energized electrical equipment and internal fires for gas turbines and jet engines
Rechargeable battle lanterns automatically initiate charging if the battery is below ______ of a full charge.
90 percent
NEALS fixtures are connected only to _______.
The emergency lighting circuit in compartments with both ship service and emergency lighting circuits
What is the estimated time open that any fitting maybe be logged in the DC closure Log before it must be reclogged?
May NOT be longer than 24 hours
Who may authorize modification of any material condition?
The CO
Compartment check off lists are originally prepared and furnished by which of the following?
By the ship builders design agent during ship construction
Where are compartment check off lists marked DUPLICATE posted?
At each entrance for compartments have more than one entrance
Which of these doors are usually places in high traffic areas?
Quick acting watertight doors
Some older Navy ships have felt gaskets installed in ventilation system ductwork flanges. Felt gaskets may contain ___?
What is the single most important factor in maintaining adequate cooling and airflow to spaces?
Keeping cooling coils clean
The criteria for selecting the number of circulation fans in a space is __________.
Only one fan is provided when the deck area is less than 300 square feet, and an additional fan is provided for each additional 300 square feet of the deck area
According to OPNAVINST 3120.32, DCPO responsibilities include all the following with the exception of ____________.
Assist in instructing the department personnel in damage control, fir fight and NBC defense procedures
How long do DCPOs/ duty DCPOs normally serve?
6 months
Who is responsible to ensure the preparation and maintenance of damage control compartment check off lists for all divisional spaces?
During normal circumstances, who reports to the division DCPO?
Divisional personnel assigned to damage control duties
How is the OCENCO EEBD activated for use?
By separating the mask from the clear base
The user should expect which of the following to occur once the Ocenco EEBD is activated?
You should not expect to hear the flow of oxygen or to see the breathing bag inflate
The scott aviation EEBD will operate for ______ after it is activated.
15 minutes
When response or equipment repair teams enter an area or space where there is the possibility of a life threatening situation arising, they shall _____________.
They shall bring sufficient EEBDs for all team members
The larger diameter of the 1-3/4 inch hose provides improved firefighting performance by reducing friction loss in the hose by approximately _____________ compared to the friction loss of a 1-1/2 inch hose.
50-55 percent
What is the general practice when two hose lines are faked beside a fireplug at a fire hose station?
To leave one unconnected and the other connected
When coiling a fire hose for stowage, the coil is made by first laying the hose out on the deck and doubling it so that the male end reaches _________ from the female end.
3-5 feet
In which condition should the navy vari-nozzle be stowed?
With the bail handle in the closed position and the nozzle set to the narrow angle (30 degree pattern) fog
Watertight scuttles have a safety device known as a _________.
Toggle pin
AFFF fire extinguishers are provided to extinguish a small___________.
Class C fire
Use of CO2 extinguisher disks as replacement for dry chemical CO2 cartridge disks will result in____________.
An unsafe cartridge
Which of the following 18 pound portable PKP extinguisher performance characteristics?
Has an effective range of 19ft with a minimum discharge time of 10 seconds
What is done to the used PKP extinguisher gas pressure cartridge?
Should normally be returned for recharge and replacement of safety disks
At what level does the NEALS emergency ballast operate the lamp when in operation?
20 percent of normal illumination for up to five hours
Material inspections and reports to the CO shall cover at a minimum _________?
Material condition, cleanliness, state of preservation and condition fittings
WILLIAM fittings consist of __________.
Vital sea suctions
Which of the following situations make material condition modified ZEBRA desirable?
UNREP, air ops and transit of known or suspected hazardous navigation areas
When CCOLs are check and updated, it should be in accordance with the guidance listed in_____________.
NSTM chapter 079, Volume 2
The primary function of water tight closures, including doors, hatches and scuttles, is to______________.
Provide access and to prevent progressive flooding
CO2 fire extinguishers and mounting brackets are normally located within ______________ of equipment with ____________.
Within 30 feet; high potential for electrical fire
Fittings are defined as______________.
Covers, valves, caps, and plugs for access other than for personnel and to control fluid flow
Which of the choices makes the following statement most correct? DCPO responsibilities outlines in Surface Ship Survivability
NTTP 3-20.31 are applicable to:
Survivability and DO NOT supersede or cancel those responsibilities in OPNAVINST 3120.32
In which of the following shall DCPOs assist with the instruction of division personnel? DC, firefighting, egress and CBRN-D procedures