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layout of a pitjantjatjara camp
konapandi, musgrave ranges, South Australia
humpy (gunyah)
South-west Queensland
platform shelter
Arnehm Land, Northern territory
Maori Marae diagram
Te Kaha marae
Te Kuiti Whare
mastaba tombs
c.2700 BC . Egypt
step pyramid of Zoser
c. 2630 BC. Saqaara, Egypt, Imphotep, c.2630 BC
pyramids at Giza
Khufu, Khafre, Menkuara, c.2550-2460
c.1330 BC, Halicarnassus, Turkey
Treasury of Atreus
135 AD, Rome, Italy
Plan of Teotihuacan
c. 200 BC- 1000AD, Valley of Mexico
Temple of Quetzalcoatl
c.100 BC, Teotihuacan
Zapotec ball court
c.600- 1000AD, Monte Alban, valley of Qaxaca, Mexico
Governor's palace
c. 900 Uxmal, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Machu Picchu
c. 1450 Peru
c. 2125-2025, Ur, Mesopotamia
Ishtar Gate
c. 2125- 2025, Babylon, Mesopotamia
Palace of knossos
c. 1700-1380 BC, Crete, Greece
The Lion Gate
c. 1300 BC, Mycenae
Palace megaron
c. 1300 Bc, Mycenae
Stoa of Attalus
c.150 BC, Athens
Cardo and decumanus maximus
north- south and west- east axis
The temple of Vesta
720 BC, rome
Markets of Trajan
110-112 AD, Apollodorus of Damascus
Mentuhotep's mortuary temple
c. 2061- 2010 BC, Deir-el- Bahari
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
c. 1473-1458 BC, Deir- el- Bahari , senmut
Temple of Amun
c. 1400-1350 BC, Luxor, Egypt
Great Temple of Amun
c.1390 -1224 BC, Karnak, Egypt
Temple of Hera 2
c. 460 BC, Paestum, Italy
The Acropolis Athens
c. 479 BC, Athens, including Propylaea, Statue of Athena, Erechtheion, Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike
c. 448-432 BC, Acropolis
Temple of Athena Nike
c.448-420 BC, Acropolis
c. 421-407 BC, Acropolis
Choragic monument of lysicrates
c.334 BC, Athens
Temple of Hercules
1st of 2nd Century, Forum Boarium, Rome
Maison Carree
16 BC, Nimes, France
Great Stupa
c.250 BC- 250AD, Sanchi, India
The shrine of Borobudur
c. 790 - 850 AD, Java, Indonesia
Lingaraja temple
1050-1150, Bhubanshwa, India
Rudabai Stepwell
1499, Adalaj, India
Angkor Wat
1120, Cambodia,
St Peter's Basilica
330, Rome, Italy
Dome of rock
687-92, Jerusalem, Israel
Great mosque of Cordoba
784-6, 833-988, Cordoba, Spain
Friday Mosque of Isfahan
8- 16th centuries, Iran
c. 120-130 AD, Rome, Italy
Basilica of Maxentius
313 AD, Rome
HH Sergios & Bakchos
527-36 AD, Constantinople
Hagia Sophia
6th Century, Istanbul (Constantinople), Isidorus & Anthemios
Baths of Caracalla
211-217, Rome
Basilica of Trajan
98-112, Rome
Palazzo Pubblico
1298- 1348, Siena, Italy
Doge's Palace
1309-1424, Venice
The Rule of St Benedict
c.530, Benedict of Nursia
Monastery of Cluny third
1088- 1130, Burgundy, France
Abbey of Fontenay
1139-47, Burgundy, France
The Certosa
1396-, Pavia, Italy
Sant' Apollinare Nuovo
490, Ravenna, Italy
San Vitale
526-548, Ravenna, Italy
Palatine Chapel
c.790-805, Aachen, Germany
Imperial Cathedral
1030-61, Speyer, Germany
Ste Foy
1050-1130, Conques, France
St Denis
rebuilding by the Abbot Suger: west front from 1135, choir from 1144, Paris
1140, rest from 1194, France
Notre Dame de Paris
1163-1250, Paris
1240s, Paris
St Patrick's Cathedral
begun 1858, Melbourne, William Wardell
Vitruvius [Marcus Vitruvius Polio]
Ten Books on Architecture, c. 15AD
House of Tragic Poet
1st Century BC, Pompeii, Italy
Hadrian's Villa
2nd C, Tivoli
Insula (insulae)
housing type in Rome
Chinese traditional courtyard house
Yoshimura house
1620, near Osaka, Japan
Castle of the white Egrets
1609, Himeji, Japan
Katsura detached palace
c.1616 - 1660
Palazzo Medici
1445-1460, Florence, Italy. Michelozzo di Bartolomeo
Palazzo Rucellai
c.1446, Florence, Italy. Leon Batista Alberti
Palazzo Pitti
1458-1631, Filippo Brunelleschi and Luca Fancelli[later garden front Bartolomeo Ammanati]
Andrea Palladio
1570, I Quattro libri dell'architecture (The four books of Architecture)
Villa Godi
1537, Lonedo, Palladio
Villa Rotonda
1565-70, outside Vicenza, Italy, Palladio
Queen's House
1616-35, Greenwich, England, Inigo Jones
Palazzo del Te
1526-153, Mantua, Italy, Giulio Romano
Plan of Qing dynasty
1644, Beijing
Plan of Rome of Sixtus fifth
c.1590, city plan
Piazza San Pietro (St Peter's Square)
1656-1667, Rome, Gianlorenzo Bernini
Pazzi Chapel at S.Core
1430-, Florence, Italy, Filippo Brunelleschi
S. Andrea
1470-, Mantua, Italy, Leon Battista Alberti
Second Gesu (facade)
1570, Rome, Italy, Giacomo della Porta
Second Redentore
1577-1592, Venice, Italy, Andrea Palladio
S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
1637-41, facade 1665-, Rome, Italy, Francesco Borromini
S. Andrea al Quirinale
1658-70, Rome, Italy, Gianlorenzo Bernini
S. Lorenzo
1668-90, Turin, Italy, Guarino Guarini
The Alhambra
palace from 1238, Granada, Spain [completed in the 14th century under the reigns of Yusuf firth (1333-1353) & (Mohammed fifth, 1353-1391)]
Humayun's Tomb
1565, Dehli, India
Fatehpur Sikri
1569-74, Agra, India
Taj Mahal
1632- 53, Agra, India
Red Fort
1639, Dehli, India
Main inner Ise Shrine
Shoden, c690-, Uji-yamada