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who was matthew writing to?


who was mark writing to?


who was luke writing his gospel to?


who did john write his gospel to?

good newa

what does gospel mean?


how many books are there?


whats another word for epistles?


how many letters are there all together?


what are the first four books called?

divine man

what is matthews symbol?

acts of the apostles

what is the book of history?

book of revelation

what is the book of prophecy?


who wrote the acts of the apostles?

talking to ancestors

what does the word genealogy mean?


what was the new testament originally written in?


how many epistles in the bible are from paul?


who wrote the book of revelation


what is likes profession?

tax collector

what is matthews profession?

jesus is king

what is matthew trying to prove?

winged lion

what is marks symbol?

cry in the dessert an john the baptist.

what does marks gospel start with?


what is matthew jewish name?

present christ as a perfect human and savior

what is the purpose of lukes gospel


what is likes symbol, it means sacrafice

in the temple

where does likes gospel start?

rising eagle

what is johns symbol?

in heavan

where does johns gospel begin?

christian churches

who was johns gospel written to?

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