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PPME (Enlisted) - Block 5 - How the Navy Plans Its Operations: China Environment & Development


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Although economic growth remains a high priority for the Chinese government, there is also a fear that this growth will result in ______________.
All the answers are correct
What pollution problem in China causes over four billion dollars in crop damage per year?
Acid rain
China's greatest natural resource problem is ______________.
The first Environmental Protection Law, passed in 1979, directed the Environmental Protection Agency to ______________.
produce environmental impact statements for proposed heavy industry and infrastructural projects
In 2005 the Ministry of Water Resources classified over half of the total length of China's ______________ major river systems as unfit for any type of direct human contact.
China is the largest producer of ______________.
China relies on coal for ______________ percent of its basic energy needs
China's Five-Year Plan for 2006-2010 mandated a system for evaluating the performance of sub-national government officials on a combination of environmental measures, as well as economic growth.