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Exchanging info, weather, seasons, months, times, making accepting & turning down suggestions.

Que'est ce que tu fais comme sport?

What sports do you play?

Que'est ce que tu fais pour t'amuser?

What do you do to have fun?

Je fais...

I play/do...

Je joue...

I play...

Je ne fais pa des...

I don't play/do...

Je ne jous pas...

I don't play...


To do, to play, to make...


To play...

Quel temps fait il?

What's the weather like?

Il fait beau.

It's nice weather.

Il fait chaud.

It's hot.

Il fait frais.

It's cool.

Il fait froid.

It's cold.

Il pleut.

It's raining.

Il neige.

It's snowing.

le week-end?


le soir?

in the evening?

en vacances?

on vacation?

au printemps?

in the spring?

an été?

in the summer?

en automne?

in Autumn?

en hiver?

in the winter?

en javier?

in January?

en février

in February?

en Mars?

in March?

en Avril?

in April?

en Mai?

in May?

en juin?

in June?

en julliet?

in July?

en août?

in August?

en septembre?

in September?

en octobre?

in October?

en novembre?

in November?

en décembre?

in December?


We, they, one.



Bonne idée.

Good idea.


Let's go!

Oui, c'est...

Yes, it's...

Désolé(e) mais je ne peux pas

Sorry, but I can't

Ca ne me dit rien.

That doesn't interest me.

Non, c'est

No, it's



...fois par semaine

...times a week

de temps en temps

from time to time









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