Bianca Nieves enrichment vocabulary

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tenía dieciséis años
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tenía dieciséis años
he/she was 16 years old
cuidaba a
he/she took (used to take care) of
Image: cuidaba a
quería ser
he/she wanted to be
Image: quería ser
se sentó
he/she/it sat
Image: se sentó
he/she/it ran
Image: corrió
he/she looked for
Image: buscó
he/she saw
Image: vio
se escapó
he/she escaped
Image: se escapó
le tocó la cabeza
she touched his head
there was/there were
he/she decided
Image: decidió
se levantó
he/she got up
Image: se levantó
le respondió
he/she responded to him/her
Image: le respondió
he/she smiled
Image: sonrió
era obvio
it was obvious

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