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  1. induce
  2. vagabond
  3. agenda
  4. limber
  5. gross
  1. a an idle wanderer; a tramp; wandering; irresponsible
  2. b the program for a meeting; a list, outline, or plan of things to be considered or done
  3. c flexible; to cause to become flexible
  4. d to cause; to persuade; bring about
  5. e overweight; coarse,vulgar; very noticeable;total; an overall total; twelve dozen; to earn

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  1. to preserve; to keep from being damaged, lost, or wasted; to save
  2. clearness, accuracy
  3. to confuse, make stupid
  4. to go away from, leave empty; to make empty; to void, annul
  5. rough and noisy in a cheerful way; high-spirited

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  1. reimburseflexible; to cause to become flexible


  2. leewaymarked by bloodshed, slaughter, or violence


  3. debutextra space for moving along a certain route; allowance for mistakes or inaccuracies; margin of error


  4. partisan(n.) a strong supporter of a person, party, or cause; one whose support is unreasoning; a resistance fighter, guerrilla; (adj.) strongly supporting one side only


  5. amiablea network of paths through which it is hard to find one's way; something very mixed-up and confusing