health assessment chpt 2

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communication skills of the nurse
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professional communicationwhat gains the patient's trust?private quiet without distractionsphysical setting of an interview should be?physical setting nurse behaviors type of questions asked how questions are asked personality and behavior of patients how patient is feeling at time of interview nature of information being discussedfoundation for interviewing is affected by many factors?active listening respect watch word usage avoid extreme nonverbal actionsprofessional nursing behavior includes?open ended questionsencourages a free flowing, open responseclose ended questionsgain more precise details, more specificdirective questionslead patients to focus on one set of thoughtsactive listeningconcentrates on patient responses and subtletiesfacilitationuses verbal and nonverbal phrases to encourage patients to continue talking furtherclarificationused to gather more informationrestatementrepeating what patient says in different words to confirm interpretationreflectionrepeating what patient said and encourages elaboration or more informationconfrontationused when inconsistencies are noted between patient report and nurse's observationsinterpretationused to share conclusions drawn from datasummarycondenses and orders data to clarify sequence of events for patientmanaging overly talkative patients others in the room language barrierscomplications to an interview?