DMV Permit Test Louisiana 2016


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If you are a non-resident and you possess a valid license, how long are you permitted to drive in this state?
90 Days
How much time does a NEW resident have to obtain a Louisiana license?
30 Days
If you license is expired for more than one year but less than two, what is required to renew your license?
A vision test, a written exam, and a traffic signs exam
If your license is expire for more than two years, what is required to renew it?
A vision test, a written exam, traffic signs exam, and road skills (driving) exams are required
If you are under 17 years old, how long must you maintain your learner's license?
180 Days
After changing your residence address, how long do you have to correct you license?
10 Days
How long does the Office of Motor Vehicles keep a public record of you traffic convictions and collisions?
5 Years
How long does a conviction for a DWI stay on your record?
10 Years
What is the minimum standard eyesight for safe driving?
When you buy a new vehicle, how long does the cardboard plate last?
60 Days
If you are unable to provide the proof of insurance on request by a law enforcement officer, what happens?
Your license plate is seized and the vehicle is impounded
Once your vehicle is impounded for failure to produce a proof of license, how long do you have to produce the proof of insurance?
3 calendar days excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays
How much greater is your chance of surviving a collision if you are not ejected from the vehicle?
3 to 4 times greater
How much does a seatbelt reduce the chance of serious injury or death?
60% to 80%
80% of deaths occur in cars traveling less than ---- miles per hour
75% of crashes occur within ----- miles of home
Your chances of being killed are ----- times greater if you're thrown from the car
Non-belted fatalities have been recorded at as low as ----- miles per hour
According to the state guidebook, you can expect to be in a collision every ----- years
What are the odds of being trapped in a burning or submerged car?
Less than one half of a percent
The force of impact at 10 miles per hour is equal to the force of -----
A 200 pound bag of cement being dropped from a first story window
From birth to 20 pounds a child should be in what kind of restraint?
A rear facing child safety seat
Children 4-6 years or who weigh 40-60 pounds shall be restrained in -----
A child's booster seat
From 20 pounds to 3 years, a child should be restrained in what kind of system?
A forward facing child safety seat
At what age and/or weight may a child wear a seat belt?
6 years or more than 60 pounds
It is not safe to drive tires with less than what tread?
1/16 inch of tread
What does a triangular orange sign with a red outside frame mean?
vehicle sign; often farm equipment; this vehicle won't go over 25 mph
How far away should the driver sit from a steering wheel with an air bag?
10 inches
A driver should never drive more than how long in a day?
6 or 8 hours
Looking how long ahead allows time to prepare for traffic conditions?
10 to 15 seconds for DMV; 20 to 30 seconds for Final
Front and rear bumpers should not be closer than ----- from the other vehicles when parallel parked
2 feet
Partial hydroplaning starts at ----- miles per hour
When approaching a vehicle, you are required to lower headlight beams how many feet from approaching the vehicle?
When following a vehicle, you must lower your headlight beams how many feet from the vehicle?
The law requires that your headlights be on when driving in weather conditions that make it difficult for other people to see your vehicle clearly from a distance of?
500 feet
When dealing with a BLIND pedestrian don't stop you car more than ----- from a crosswalk
5 feet
The minimum following distance you should have between you and a vehicle ahead of you is?
3 seconds
What is the minimum distance that must present between an automobile that is passing a slower moving bicyclist?
3 feet
Speeds of bicycles are hard to judge; they can vary from -----?
Under 10 miles per hour or over 35 miles per hour
Research show that over ----- of the car/motorcycle crashes are the results of a car driver turning in front of a motorcyclist
When driving behind a motorcycle, allow at least ---- following distance
Four seconds
What is the most commonly littered item in Louisiana?
Tobacco products, mostly cigarette butts
A frontal impact at 35 miles per hour is ----- more violent than one at 30 miles per hour
When driving at ----- miles per hour, you have little chance of living through a crash
What is the maximum speed limit in Louisiana?
75 miles per hour
You must complete a passing maneuver before coming within ----- of any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction
100 feet
It is illegal to pass a vehicle when you are within how many feet of an intersection or railroad crossing?
100 feet
It is illegal to pass a vehicle within how many feet of a bridge or tunnel?
100 feet
You must stop at least how many feet from a stopped school bus?
30 feet
The la requires that you signal and get into the proper lane at least how many feet before making a turn?
100 feet
Do not attempt to turn around while on a hill or in a curve where your vehicle cannot be seen by other drivers approaching from either direction within ----- feet
A right or left signal must be given continuously for not less than how many feet before making the turn?
100 feet
When parallel parked, the vehicle's wheels must be within ----- of the right-hand curb of the street
18 inches
It is against the law to park within ----- feet of a fire hydrant
It is against the law to park within ----- of a railroad crossing
50 feet
It is against the law to park within ----- feet of a crosswalk or intersection
It is against the law to park within how many feet of a fire station driveway on the same side of the street?
20 feet
It is against the law to park within how many feet of a fire station driveway on the other side of the street?
75 feet
Louisiana law requires the driver of a motor vehicle to stop within how many feet from the nearest rail of a railroad crossing?
Within 50 but no less than 15 feet
It is against the law for more than how many people to occupy the front seat of a moving vehicle?
3 people
No one under what age is permitted to be a passenger in the open bed of a truck?
12 years of age
Following within how many feet of emergency vehicles is unlawful?
500 feet
A minimum of $50 plus 8 hours community service all the way to a maximum of $5000 fine, one year driver's license suspension, 30 days in jail, and 100 hours of community service. What is this punishment for?
Operators below age 17 are prohibited from driving between the hours of ----- unless accompanied by a licensed adult of at least 21 years old or a sibling 18 years old
11 PM and 5 AM
Children under age ----- must wear a helmet when operating or riding as a passenger on a bicycle
Children who weigh less than ----- pounds or are less than ----- inches in height must be properly seated and secured in an approved restraining seat to be a passenger upon a bicycle
40 pounds, 40 inches
When you merge into traffic, you need a gap of how many seconds?
4 seconds
When following a big truck in good weather conditions, it is good to leave a space of at least ----- seconds
ABS pumps the brakes up to ----- times per second
30 times for DMV; 18 times for Final
If you run off the pavement and the shoulder is much lower than the pavement, slow to a speed of ----- before turning back onto the road
10 miles per hour
If you car breaks down put ----- behind your vehicle to alert other drivers
Reflectorized triangles
If your car breaks down and you have triangles/flairs, put them ----- behind your car
100 feet
According to the National Safety Council, how many drivers will be in a vehicle crash this year?
1 in 8
When driving on the interstate and the left lane is used for
Passing only
Every ----- someone dies in an alcohol-related crash
33 minutes
Drunk driving is the leading cause of death among -----
Young people ages 16 to 24
How long does it take alcohol to reach your brain?
20 minutes
At what BAC is there a concentration of 100 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood?
How much alcohol does the body process per hour?
First DWI can cost how much?
If you are 21 or older and submit to the breathalyzer and you are over the legal limit, you lose your license for -----
90 days; refusal to submit= 365 days
If you are DWI and cause a crash that results in the death of another person, how long can you go to jail for?
30 years
It takes how long for the effects of smoking one marijuana cigarette to wear off?
5 to 6 hours
If you are convicted of vehicular homicide, you will go to jai for -----
No less than 5 year, no more than 30, at least one year of mandatory jail time
If you are under 21 and submit to the breathalyzer and are over the legal limit, you will lose your license for -----
180 days; refusal to submit= 365 days
You lose your driving privileges after how many convictions of reckless driving committed within a twelve month period?
If your BAC is ----- or more and you are less than 21 years of age, your driving privileges will be suspended
If you are over the age of 21 and your BAC is ----- or more, your driving privileges will be suspended
Louisiana law require you to have your headlights on (low beam) when:
Visibility is less than 500 feet, your windshield wipers are on, and sunset to sunrise
How many years before you need to renew your driver's license?
4 years
You may renew your driver's license within how many days before it expires?
180 days
When passing a vehicle, it is safe to practice ----- to avoid surprising the overtaken driver
Tap the horn lightly
It is against the law to
Let you vehicle coast downhill with the clutch disengaged or the gear in neutral
If you are parallel parked on a hill and there is a curb, you must turn your wheels ----- the curb if you are facing downhill
If you are parallel parked on a hill an there is a curb, you must turn your wheels ----- the curb of you are facing uphill
Away from
If you are parallel parked on a hill and there is no curb, you must turn your wheels ----- whether facing uphill or downhill
Toward the edge of the road
If a driver extend their arm bent upward out their window, they are signaling
A right turn
If a driver extend their arm bent downward out their window, they are signaling
That they are slowing down or stopping