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One-Child Policy
started in 1979 by China to slow its population growth
main goal of One-Child Policy
zero population growth
positive impact of One-Child Policy
with fewer children to support, parents have more $ to spend on other things
a population pyramid
provides population "bands" (age ranges) of both males & females
population density
measures how crowded an area is
a consequence of population density
pollution problems
How does Japan try to stop health problems?
passed strict laws to clean up air & water
stand on subway platforms waiting for the trains to roll in. Their job is to shove as many passengers as possible into the cars before the doors close
bullet trains
race across the Japanese countryside at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour
public transportation system
The Japanese have adapted to busy rush hours by creating an extensive and efficient public transit system (network of buses, trains, and other vehicles used for moving passengers)
land use in Japan
they build taller buildings
they build underground
they fill-in wetlands to create usable land
commute time
the amount of time spent traveling to and from work (in Tokyo is an hour and a half each day)
Poverty and Conflict
Pg. 128 in book. What are the two big push factors driving migration streams?
Pg 128 in book. Where does the largest number of immigrants to United States come from?
They all have 10,000 and over per Person, little or no conflict, large migration streams
Pg. 128. What do Europe, United States, and Australia have in common on this map?
Irony, Labeling, Analogy
What persuasive technique are used in this cartoon?
Growing Population
What is causing water shortages around the world?
Push Factors
something that encourages people to leave a place behind
Pull Factors
something that encourages people move to a new place
Economic Factors; Push and Pull
Push: lack of economic opportunity, no jobs, money, or opportunity in home country
Pull: Education, Job Prospects, economic possibilities
Political Factors; Push and Pull
Push: War, fear of government, genocide, when a gov't treats its people unfairly
Pull: Political freedom, Political voice, stable gov't, lack of war
Environmental; Push and Pull
Push: Drought, disease, famine, disaster push people from home country.
Pull: safe environment, no famine or disease
What continent do most immigrants to the United States come from?
NO we cannot
Based on this graph, can we tell who makes the largest amount of money per hour worked?
Negative growth
Look at this population pyramid. Is this an example of slow growth, rapid growth or negative growth?
Births and Immigration
According to the graph, what are the two greatest contributions to population growth?
Negative Growth
These graphs are examples of population pyramids. Are they examples of rapid growth, slow growth, or negative growth?
According to the graph, as the death rate has decreased what has happened to the total population?
Looking at these two graphs are there more males or females?
Rapid Growth
This is a population pyramid. Is it an example of slow growth, rapid growth, or negative growth?