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Environmental Common Assessment Review


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The variety of plants and animals living in one area.
Carbon-oxygen cycle
the process by which carbon and oxygen cycle among plants, people and animals and the environment.
removing or clearing away the trees from a forest.
sustainable development
using resources in ways that meet the needs of people today without hurting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Native Amazonians
"We have been on this land the longest. We want to keep our home."
Rubber Tappers
"We need to collect the sap from the trees. It is our job."
"We use the rain forest four our job. We need the trees to make furniture and houses for people."
"We need a place to live. The government gave us land so we can farm to feed our families."
Cattle Ranchers
"We need grass to feed our animals. These animals provide food for the world."
Environmental Groups
"We want to protect the rainforest. Let's keep it the way it is."
Amazon Rainforest
Location A?
Andes Mountains
Location D?
Using resources in a way that cannot be continued for long periods of time.
Carp and Cat Fish
According to the chart, which fish should you never eat?
Lake Trout
According to the chart, which fish can men eat whenever but women and children should only eat six meals per year?
a community of living things living together
Food Chain
a community of organisms where each member is eaten in turn by another member
damage to the natural environment caused by harmful substances.
Invasive Species
nonnative plants and animals that invade a new ecosystem.
Habitat Loss
the natural environment of plants and animals live in being lost to Human Activity
gives the yearly average temperature & precipitation for a city
the bar graph
measures precipitation (on a climagraph)
the line graph
measures temperature (on a climagraph)
85 degrees F
The Average temperature in May?
34 inches
The average percipitation in July?
85 degrees F
What is the average temperature in October?
1 inch
What is the average percipitation in May?
a strong, violent seasonal wind (carry clouds/moisture = heavy rains)
a positive effect of the monsoons
can provide water for farmers' crops
a consequence of the monsoons
monsoons rains often lead to flooding
crops that can grow in monsoons
rice, sugarcane, tea & tobacco
how do people adapt to monsoons
build their house on stilts
Factories are producing more green house gases than ever before, human activity is causing the gradual warming of the earth as a result of the use of coal, oil and natural gas, and global warming could lead to crop failures.
What is the theory of Global Warming?
Rising sea levels, widespread crop failures, new endangered species
Results of global warming?
Ice core samples
How do scientists learn about the climate of Antarctica thousands of years ago?
The guilty must pay
Which Policy Option does this support?
"Those most responsible for creating the problem of climate change must accept the cost for solving it. "
-The Guilty must Pay
-Everyone should share responsibility
-Economic growth and development must come first
Everyone should share responsibility
Which Policy Option does this support?
"A situation that is global in nature requires that everyone takes responsibility and all countries and organizations should have equal participation in negotiating an agreement on global climate change."
-The Guilty must Pay
-Everyone should share responsibility
-Economic growth and development must come first