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Homo erectus

Evolved in Africa and was first Hominid to leave there.


traveled through the region

Homo Sapiens

Evolved in South Africa through middle east


Spice trade dominated by Arabs


British and Islamic Turks

Why do we care about Middle East


How much oil do we use

25% and 20 million barrels a day

W.K. D'Arcy

Favorable concession from Iran to search for oil

Zargos Fold Belt Field

Discovered in 1908 by D'Arcy

Iran oil production

4 million barrels a day out of Zargos reserves

Middle East

Area between Africa, Asia and Europe

Tribes in Middle East

Patrilineal (Male oriented)

Assyrians today


Pax Romana

Roman Peace (people had to pay taxes, slaves caught and merchants make money)

Roman Falls

415 A.D.


Believed the koran and that islam could be more moderate in their views


smaller group of conservatives. Strict adherence to koran.


Saudia Arabia

Battle of Tours, OCt 10, 732

Battle that stopped islamic conquest

Charles Martel

Duke of the Franks

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