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Government Test Chapters 7-9

A very popular presidential candidate pulls in many voters for his party, resulting in the elections of several other members of his party running of State and local offices
Which of the following is an example of the coattail effect
Hard money
money raised and spent to elect candidates for Congress and the White House
a voting district, the smallest geographic units for the conduct of elections.
Direct primary
method of nomination is most common in the United States today
To raise money to influence elections and public policy on behalf of special-interest groups
function of a political action committee (PAC)?
A primary in which any qualified voters can cast ballots
A grant of money, usually from the government, for use as campaign money
soft money
given to party organizations for "party-building activities
A primary in which only declared party member can vote
the process of narrowing the field of possible candidates for office called
Tuesday-after the first Monday in November of every even-numbered year
Most elections happen on the date Congress set for national elections, which is
Absentee voting and early voting
By what two methods can voters cast their ballots on days other than the official Election Day
usually payday and dont's want people to become subject to campaign pressures
Why does voting not take place on the first day of the month
A blanket primary is one in which
Every voter gets a ballot listing every candidate, regardless of party, for every nomination to be made at the primary
They do not exclude independent voters
What is the main argument in support of open primaries
separation of church and state
Why does voting not take place on Sunday
They prevent on party of "raiding" the other's primary
What is the main argument in support of closed primaries
1) printed at public expense
2) lists names of all candidates
3) given out at the polls, one to each qualified voter
4) marked in secret
4 parts to the Australian ballot
Sound bite
A news report lasting less than a minute is a
A faulty method of gathering information by asking the same question of a large number of people
What is a straw vote?
A means of communication
What is a medium?
Instructions or commands a constituency gives elected officials
What is a mandate?
Random sample
What is a sample in which each member of the universe and each geographic area within it have a mathematically equal chance of being included?
Intensity Stability
Pollsters have difficulty measuring
Societal problems that need governmental attention
The public agenda is
Quota sample
What is a sample deliberately constructed to reflect several of the major characteristics of a given universe?
Device that attempts to collect information by asking people questions
A public opinion poll is a
talk-show host
Which of the following is the best example of opinion leader?
Children raised by caregivers with particular political views tend to _____________ those views when they become adults
1)Define the universe; 2) construct a sample; 3) prepare valid questions; 4) select and control a poll method; and 5) analyze and report findings
What are the basic steps in the polling process?
Public opinion
What term refers to attitudes held by a significant number of people on matters of government and politics?
Public affairs
What term refers to events and issues of concern to people at large?
Schools and family
What two factors have the biggest impact on public opinion?
Peer group
What term refers to the people with whom one regularly associates?
Mass Media
What term refers to communication that reaches large, widely dispersed audiences simultaneously?
A person who has a strong influence on the views of others
What is an "opinion leader?"
Public policy
______________includes all of the goals that a government pursues in the many areas of human affairs in which it is involved
Trade association
A _________________is an interest group that focuses on a particular segment of the business community.
He distrusted them and warned that they must be carefully controlled
What was James Madison's view of interest groups, or "factions" as he called them?
They sometimes wield power far out of proportion with their importance
One valid criticism of interest groups is that
Committing bribery and making threats of revenge
A few interest groups use tactics that threaten to undermine the whole political system. Examples of such tactics are
Stimulating interest in public affairs
Providing useful information to the government
Keeping tabs on government activities
main functions of interest groups
Those issues and events that concern the people at large
What are public affairs
Pressuring lawmakers in an effort to influence public policy
What is lobbying?
A pressure from a great number of average voters
What is a grass-roots effort?
Institute certain public policies of benefit to all or most people in this country
Pubic-interest groups seek to
To press for government policies that will benefit its members
What is one goal of a labor union?
If an interest group attaches an unflattering label to discredit a public official's position on an issue, it is using a persuasive technique called
An agricultural group
groups that would most likely work to regulate the prices of dairy products?
Public Policy
Interest groups try to influence ________________, which includes all of the goals that a government pursues on behalf of the people
Public affairs
Interest groups help to stimulate interest in ________________, or those issues and events that concern the people at large
Single-interest group
An interest group that concentrates its efforts on one issue, such as abortion, gun control, or health care is a
1)To supply the public with information; 2) to build a positive image for the group; 3) to promote a particular public policy
What are the three major goals of interest groups?
Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995
The law that require all lobbyists to register and provide detailed information about their activities and clients is the