25 terms

A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, Act I; 7th grade English

These vocabulary words are from the play "A Christmas Carol" in the 7th grade English textbook.
covetous (p.264)
wanting what others have
gait (p.264)
stride; movement
implored (p.265)
asked or begged earnestly; call upon
bestow (p.265)
morose (p.266)
gloomy; ill-tempered
resolute (p.267)
destitute (p.268)
living in complete poverty
endeavoring (p.268)
making an effort
malcontent (p.270)
a person who is never satisfied
misanthrope (p.270)
a person who hates or distrusts everyone
void (p.270)
total emptiness
insmoniac (p.270)
a person who has trouble sleeping
ponderous (p.272)
very heavy; bulky
forbearance (p.272)
to be patient when annoyed
benevolence (p.272)
a desire to do good to others; kindness
penance (p. 272)
forgiveness of sin
procuring (p.272)
to obtain or get by special effort
reclamation (p.274)
to demand the return of
stagnant (p.275)
motionless; without moving
burdensome (p.279)
very heavy; troublesome
idol (p.279)
any person or thing regarded with adoration or love
aspirations (p.279)
a strong desire for high achievement
engrosses (p.279)
fully occupies the mind or attention; absorbs
fraught (p.279)
filled; full of
remorse (p.280)
deep and painful regret for doing wrong