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To study inner sensations, images, and feelings, Edward Titchener engaged people in self-reflective


Which school of psychology was most clearly concerned with the adaptive value of complex mental processes?

physiologist and philosopher.

Wilhelm Wundt was both a

humanistic psychology.

The growth potential of healthy people was emphasized by

cognitive neuroscience.

A study of the relationship between reasoning capacities and brain functions would be of most direct interest to


The suggestion that psychology is less a set of facts than a method of evaluating ideas best highlights the ________ character of psychology.

nature and nurture

In debating the origins of human traits, Plato and Aristotle disagreed about the relative importance of

Charles Darwin.

The importance of inherited behavioral traits was most clearly highlighted by

behavior genetics

Professor Reed attempts to assess the relative contributions of heredity and home environment on children's susceptibility to depression. Her research best illustrates the concerns of the ________ perspective.


Which perspective is most relevant to understanding the links between hormone levels and sexual motivation?


Focusing on the extent to which personality is influenced by motives outside our own awareness is most relevant to the ________ perspective.


The marriage rituals of different ethnic groups are of most relevance to the _______ perspective.


Professor Helms conducts basic research on the progressive changes in infants' perceptual skills during the first year of life. Professor Helms is most likely a ________ psychologist.


Dr. Stevens provides psychotherapy to people who suffer from excessive anxiety. Dr. Stevens is most likely a ________ psychologist.

study method.

SQ3R is an acronym for an effective

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