Active Voice
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Present Progressive Tenseverb tense that shows action in progress. Ex. Am hearing, Is playing, Are runningSimple Past Tenseverbe tense that shows completed action Ex. Heard, played, ranPast Prgressive Tenseverb tense that shows past action that took place over a period of time. Ex. Was hearing, Were playing, Was runningFuture Tenseverb tense that shows an action that will or will not happen in the futrure. Ex. Will hear, Won't play, Will runnPresent Perfect Tenseverb tense that describes an action that began in the past but continues til the present. Ex. Have heard, Has played, Has runPast Perfectverb tense that describes an event completed in the past prior to another event. Ex. Had heard, Had played, Had runPresent Perfect Progressive Tenseverb tense to describe an action that began in the pas, continues to the present and may continue into the future. Ex. Has been hearing, Have been playing, Has been runningFuture Perfect Tenseverb tense to express an action that will be completed by or before a specified time in the future. Ex. Will have heard, Will have played, Will have run.