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Week 9: Obj. 3.03 Glossary

Affiliate Programs

A site (affiliate) agrees to place a merchant's ad without charge. The affiliate only gets paid when a visitor clicks on the link, goes to the merchant site, and buys something.


Programs that analyze incoming email and replies with a canned response.

Banner Advertising

Online advertising technique where small hyperlinked advertisements are placed on frequently visited pages of a web site.

Channel Rotation

A banner advertisement is placed within a particular category of a web site. This is more focused on the company's target market.

Classified Ad

Text ad just like a classified ad in print except it is listed on a web site.


Cost per 1000 impressions.


Online magazines or email newsletters.

Fulfillment Company

It warehouses a merchant's goods and processes orders for the merchant.

General Rotation

A banner advertisement is randomly displayed on a web site.


Tangible products, they have a touch and feel.


An emailing list that receives newsletters and updates.


Electronic billboards where people post questions and comments. They are broken into interest groups.

Number of click throughs

The number of times viewers click on the banner.

Number of impressions

The number of times a banner is displayed to individual viewers.


Mailing list that people have voluntarily given their email address in order to receive the email from that company.

Press Release

A short news article sent to various media channels.

Return Policy

How the company deals with a customer who wants to return a purchase.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Needed to provide credit card security for your browser.


Intangible products, they give a benefit or satisfaction.

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