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Electric Guitar
Central rock instrument
1930s as a solo instrument
When was the guitar first played and as what?
Leo Fender, 1948
__________Introduced the first mass-produced solid body electric guitar in ________.
Repeated patterns/progressions
Emphasizing the second and fourth beats of each measure
Blue notes
Notes that can sound "wrong"
Dense timbre
Crunch and distortion
1950s, rock and roll
When did the first type of rock start in the US and what was it called?
Rocket 88
First rock record
Jackie Brenston and the delta cats
Who composed rocket 88?
What did rocket 88 model?
Buddy Holly
Who established the standard band formation?
Four piece
What was the standard formation?
Peggy sue
What song did Buddy Holly and the Crickets make?
When was the introduction of Motown?
Berry Gordy
Who started Motown records company
Music by black performers mainly purchased by white youth
What kind of music did Motown produce?
Aretha Franklin, RESPECT
Who is the queen of soul and what song did she make?
Summer of 1963
When did surf rock Music dominate?
1963, rock
_______ marks the end of rock and roll and the beginning of _______
1964, the Beatles
When did the British Invasion occur, and by what band?
Liverpool, Merseybeat
Young British groups started to combine various British and American styles, coalescing in _________ during 1962 in what became known as __________.
True or false: Merseybeat is partly where the Beatles got there name?
James Bond film series
What gave an extra push for all things British that same year?
Love me do
On the same date as the movie the Beatles released their first record, __________.
Mods and rockers
Two youth gangs in England 1950s
Mod aesthetic
Bands that had a ___________ would end up becoming the most popular but bands that were able to balance both were most successful. (Beatles)
Rockers, mobs
The _______ considered _______ to be weedy effeminate snobs.
Mobs, rockers
The _____ saw _______ as out of touch, oafish, and grubby.
Bikes (wore leather and motorcycle boots)
What was rocker subculture centered around?
The common rocker hairstyle
Fashion and music
What was mod subculture centered around?
What did many ride?
Cleancut outfits suits
What did they were?
Concept album
When the tracks together on an album are tied together by a loose theme
Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts club band; by the Beatles
What was the first concept album and who made it?
Surfer albums
What can be considered forerunners of the idea of concept album?
Psychedelic Rock
Rock that was associated with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, psychedelic art, and light shows
When did psychedelic rock emerge?
Grateful dead
One of the biggest psychedelic bands
Jimi Hendrix
Carlos Santana
Jimmy page
Eric Clapton
4 guitarists who had a huge influence on electric guitar playing
1970s saw a generation of ________ rock groups such as the Rolling Stones and solo acts like Stevie wonder.
Heavy metal
featuring aggressive, distortion guitar; heavy songs. Led Zeppelin, black sabbath, etc.
Art rock
influenced by classical music
simple melody and catchy; a steady bass beat
a blend of soul, jazz, and R & B
Punk rock
against the commercialism of mainstream rock and also a style of dress
strong emphasis on the 2nd and 4th beat of every measure. Music based on political protest and the Rastafarian religion.
Bob Marley
Superstar of reggae
Bob marley's religion
Glam rock
emphasis on "the look" high platform shoes, outrageous, clothing, makeup and hairstyles, sometimes androgenous
Glam metal
Glam rock led to ________ with groups like kiss.
Music video
1980s saw huge technological advancement, including ___________.
Video killed the radio star by the bugles
First music video showed on mtv
First cd was released when?
Heavy metal
What was the biggest selling rock genre I'm the 80s?
a blend of ethnic music and rock
Alternative rock
against the conformity and commercialism of the music industry
the most significant rock-music development of the 1980s
Jamaica, blue dances
Rap began in __________ at _________. At these dances a DJ would talk over the music they played.
Koop herc
Who is credited with starting rap in the USA
Toast, Bronx
Koop herc was the first DJ to _______ in the _______.
Rappers delight, the sugar hill gang
The first rap record to make it big? Who produced it?
Political rap
Rap music that deals with politics
The message by grandmaster flash and the furious 5
First political rap song
When an artist uses someone else's pre recorded music in their song; made illegal without CONSENT in the 1990s
Lose yourself by Eminem
Won best song in a movie at the 2002 oscars
Who is considered the biggest selling rapper of all time
Rock music is a constant battle between music and ___________.
Electronic music with one person performing
One of the ,oat popular techno musicians today
Alternative rock
What exploded in the 90s?
iPod= 2001
When was the iPod and YouTube started?